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Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
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Jul 25, 07

Recommended for: Hugo award junkies
Read in July, 2007

It seems that Enders Game is just one of those novels that everyone else has read accept me. At some point in my life i started to run across the seemingly endless list of books that were not "classics" but well read none the less. The first one of these that really struck me was The Hobbit. At some point in highschool someone recited that first line about Bilbo's little house in the shire and i just looked at them blankly, never being a fantasy junkie i had missed the Tolkien bandwagon.

I cant say ive ever expected to be the first person to discover some new work of fiction, but its really starting to grate how everyones already read all the good books before i get there. Winning the Hugo the year it was published probably dident help Enders Game slip quietly into obscurity, boohoo for me. Now onto the review.

The novel has obviously influenced many subsequent works, the most striking at the moment being Diamond Age for its use of computerized childrens game as a learning tool. After watching "Citizen Kane" i felt this same way about every movie i watched for the next six months. Meh.

Over all the books solid, i give it a 4/5 because i would actually recommend it to someone who was not a Card Junkie. If i find out everything else the mans ever written runs the same track, i will retroactivly drop this books score to 3/5. It good, but that extra points for being imaginative.

At 385 pages its by no means a doorstop, a few brisk afternoons would put you well into this one. Its fast paced, with good character development, its use of asides early on mix well with the idea of a future military super state eavesdropping on your every action/word. Some of the jumps in time are glossed over more then others, a few times i got caught off guard by something that was happening months later.

all and all i would regard this as a fine piece of literature that defis the genera by being a well crafted book and not just good science fiction.

edit: check out this fun web comic.
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