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Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke
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Oct 11, 2008

it was amazing
Recommended for: Inkheart lovers
Read in December, 2008 , read count: 1

Ok..It was good. I felt very proud of myself for finishing it. I haven't read any longs books in such awhile.. And I like Doria better than Farid. So..Good Riddance with Farid. I hope he falls in love with some maiden who falls of a cliff and dies and then he's all sad. Oh, and I was kind of glad that they stayed. And the ending was good, but what the heck was Resa and Mo's kid's name??? Any ideas?? I wanna know..and omigod, can you believe that the kid can fly? I kinda expected something weird to be wrong with it. But it has freaking wings? Wow. And oh, crap. I'm gonna have to put a spoiler alert on here..god that sucks...But I don't want it to disappear so I'm going to put words at the top. Ok, anyways. I thought it was kinda weird how Mo/The Bluejay had any feelings toward Violante. And it was even weirder that she liked, loved him. But,maybe, she'll marry the prince and him and his bear will be king of Ombra. That sounds nice..oh and ugh! Fengolio annoyed me. Oh, and did you see how Cornelia Funke kind of hinted that she was really like self-satisfied with the book? With her hinting at the brillance or whatever. That annoyed me. And, oh, I'm rambling aren't I? Oh, well..I hope it entertains whoever's read this review. And I hope you're not a grammar-grubber cuz there's probably a bit of grammar mistakes, part of why this isn't in Safari because I'll just get that dumb red line. Crap, rambling again..
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message 1: by Sean (new) - rated it 1 star

Sean I hate Meggie because of what she did to Farid. She should stil be with him, that was the whole reason I stayed up till 3 in the morining to finish the book. I almost killed Funke for not putting them together at the end. That was all I wanted from the book.

Courtney But Farid didn't really care about her!!! When he was out and about he didn't think about Meggia almost at all. Farid is only happy when he's with Dustfinger..and when Dustfinger died, he wasn't happy, even thought he still had Meggie..IDK I just don't see how you could want Meggie and Farid together..

message 3: by Rita (new)

Rita Meggie is Resa and Mo's kid's name....

message 4: by Alex (new)

Alex WHAT? how could Meggie do that to Farid? i mean i know i haven't read it yet because there all out at the library but still i see NO reson for Meggie dumping Farid. and who is this Doria or Daria or whatever. and Meggie was one of my fave characters too. i don't get it:(

message 5: by Alex (new)

Alex Farid had every right to be upset that Dustfinger was dead even if he did have Meggie. Dustfinger was his romodel and like his best friend.Meggie so shouldn't have dunped him.:(

message 6: by Sean (new) - rated it 1 star

Sean Thank you Alex Marie completly screwed Farid over I was really pissed after I read it. Farid was really depressed about Dustfinger dieing and want to try and gethim back so he didnt have as much time for Meggie

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

Meggie is such a BLAH!

King Haddock Farid was a great character... but it seems to me it became really evident that he wasn't meant for Meggie in the last book. It's not just that Meggie was dumping him heartlessly - she was being smart, realized things would not work, and knew she loved someone who would be good for her in return. She let Farid to his love of fire and his obsession of Dustfinger and I'm glad she did. No, Doria never will be the same as Farid, and I don't like him as much as I did Farid (still a good character, but not as cool) - yet I do give Funke a hands up for not writing what everyone expected to happen after the first two books. It was disappointing, yes, in the fact that I liked Farid as a character, but I would not have Funke change what happened in the story just because I thought Farid was cool.

Rhonda Rita wrote: "Meggie is Resa and Mo's kid's name...."

I think they mean their son's name.

Jessica Haha, yeah, that was a fun review to read. And actually, I didn't like Farid that much toward the end. I loved him in the first couple books but he became... a bit of a player. Honestly, with that and his obsession with Dustfinger, he would have just given Meggie more heartache. He didn't actually worry about her feelings, only got jealous of Doria when he was around her, and Doria's much sweeter anyway, even if he's not from Arabian Nights and can't make fire flowers.

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