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My One and Only by Kristan Higgins
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Jun 18, 2012

it was amazing
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Getting married is no joke. Heck, it isn't a game either, unless you consider the scenario when the villian gives your avatar the final lethal swipe of game over. In this book, divorce attorney's work is intertwined with her life - around her, couples are finally asking themselves why the heck their ring finger has that fat golden band around it and are tossing the rings into the gutter (literally). Marriage didn't work out, married too young, infidelity, I-married-a-convict-without-realising-I-swear-I'm-innocent yadda yadda, this book has already laid out all the possibilities of a marriage gone wrong. In this book, marriage is a burden, marriage is a freedom-taker, marriage is a closed door to all your dreams and ambitions.
So, should one get married?
In the beginning, Harper would surely give a yes to that answer. I mean, only then can there be divorces that allow her to earn herself a living, right? But believe me, Harper isn't like that. She's really likeable in the story. I don't know why, but I sure do love attorneys as the female protagonists in a novel. So far, these women are poised, composed (they try to be), smart, sassy, and of all things, bitchy. In a good way. Here, we see Harper as a realist who doesn't really believe in marriage and is only trying to do her job. After one divorce, it sure is hard to pick up the faith in matrimony right? However, she's still as sarcastic as ever, and when she opens her mouth to arguecommunicate, she ensures that her audience are slayed on the spot. One thing I love about her is that she's satirically hilarious when she's impatient, pissed, scared, or panicking. Thankfully she's usually one of the above throughout the entire novel.
There's no doubt why she's single - nobody's her match really. Well. Enter Nick (swoons). His wit is as badass as Harper's. When they're arguing (amiably sometimes, mind you), fireworks ensue. Their undead chemistry and romance is obvious and visible even across the pages.
What I loved about this book was that the male and female protagonists had lives of their own, and hence, the relationship didn't seem forced. They didn't depend on each other like life support machines throughout the entire book like those in most chick-lit novels. Even despite their respective stellar careers, the seem like they were meant to be (and I thought I wasn't cheesy).
I also liked the author's constant reminder of the commitment required from both husband and wife for a marriage to work. Here, marriage is a very huge prospect - unlike most novels where the happy ending (or epilogue) ends abruptly at the marriage altar, here, the marriage process is an entire unique story in itself. How the author manage to tell readers that being in love doesn't necessarily mean that matrimony is ideal or beneficial - WOAH! That was deep (or maybe I'm just shallow).
Here, the plot is fantastic, and along the way I laughed gasped and swooned (well Nick was so hot). Suspense? Surprises? Anguish? Laughter? Check times four. Heck, even the side characters stand out in their own way, almost robbing the leading couple of their limelight (but not quite).
So, again, should one get married?
Well, if one's story is similar to that of Nick and Harper's in terms of romance and chemistry (and rationality and commitment)...
then hell yeah.
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Kristan Higgins
“sometimes our hearts just need time to accept what are heads already know”
Kristan Higgins, My One and Only

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