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Uninvited by Leah Spiegel
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Jun 18, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: e-book-owned, youngadult, thriller-mystery-adventure
Read from June 26 to 27, 2012

I have liked Leah Spiegel since her book "Foolish Games". However, I hesitated to buy this book because not many people rated this series in Goodreads. I am wary to add books with high ratings but few raters. This means that the high ratings have not been widely proven.
But, this book totally rise up to my expectation and even catch me off guard making me laugh like loons while reading.

Alley is a sensible, witty, and intelligent girl. She's one of the girl in the popular group even though only due to association. The true popular girl is the glamorous Val, Alley's BFF. Alley was never comfortable in the group and detested the others' major fascination with clothes and the whole notion of popularity. She also believes that the others in the clique like Kristen, Libby or Kayla just bear with her because of Val.

Does this description sound familiar??? It sounds like the usual 'Mean Girls' story, right? Well, the story plot didn't just end there. It went off tangent into mystery, hilarity, and fun adventure.

Let me describe how the mystery starts. Kristen, the queen bee of this clique, suddenly went missing before her sweet 18 birthday party. After days of no news, Val decided that they need to take this matter into their own hands and search for Kristen. Dragging Alley, Libby, and Kayla along into escapades.
Their suspicion fell to Shane, the hot transfer student whose background story is full of inconsistencies and lies. And he was the last person they saw talking to Kristen!!

Now, how does this mystery become hilarious?
To understand this let me describe Val. Val is this blond gorgeous goddess with a tendency to get into accident due to her clumsiness. People would describe her as ditzy. But, this doesn't mean she's not intelligent or shrewd. She's just marching to her own beat which can be illogical to the rest of normal people. What makes sense to Val can be insane in usual people's standard. Alley is the voice of reason to Val. The one who tries to reign Val and minimize the mess Val has started, and gets everyone out safely from the adventures Val has dragged them to.
All the escapades are silly and just hilarious. Imagine 4 amateur detectives blundering around. Of course, 3 of them blundering around with high level of embarrassment as they know they looked silly doing it.

If it's just stop at being hilarious, I might love it but I may not give it a 5-star. I gave it a 5-star because I fell in love with all the characters. Alley and Val of course. I also fell in love with Libby, Kayla, and Shane. Libby and Kayla prove themselves more than just some snob girls. They are brave, loyal, and unique in their own way.
Shane is this sarcastic alpha male type. The conversation between him and Alley is always full of chemistry and witty banter. In his action though, he's proven to be kind and he has great sense of humor.

I like this book. I definitely didn't regret my decision to buy it. I'll start to read the second book soon.
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