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Real Mermaids Don't Wear Toe Rings by Helene Boudreau
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Jun 17, 12

bookshelves: modern, mermaids, young-adult

This is what happens when the book I'm currently reading is at the wrong house. I end up getting a random book on my kindle and finishing it, even though I didn't like it. It's hard to make me dislike a mermaid character, but this did it.

Jade is a teenage girl who we're supposed to feel sorry for (I think) as she is preparing for a pool party despite her fear of water. She doesn't want to go, but her best friend is making her try on all sorts of bathing suits. Then, suddenly, she finds the perfect suit, and the designer tag has her mother's name on it. Turns out that her phobia is caused by the fact that her mother drowned in a lake while Jade was present.

Right after this, Jade gets her period, despite formerly lying about it to her best friend in the world because she felt like the only one who hadn't. We are then supposed to feel sorry for her as she goes through a mortifying (or supposed to be) drug store run with her father, who buys out the feminine hygiene aisle.

After falling asleep in the bath, Jade sprouts a tail. Turns out, her mother was a mermaid who gained legs after too much exposure to land. This begins a twisty web of lies, overblown, badly-written angst, and the discovery that her mother isn't dead, but was trapped in the lake, where there is a mermaid jail. In an effort to get her mother back, Jade lies some more and manipulates the boy who likes her into taking her to the magical place that can turn merpeople into land-people.

All in all, I found the protaganist, unlikable, selfish and flat, who even after resolving to be better, falls into the same traps without guilt or anything her adventure more wish-fulfillment than anything else. It could have been a great book, but as it is, it's just not. Best to skip this one, in my opinion.
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Ashley This is not a good description of this book. Some of the things you are saying aren't even true events in the book and I think you either got a bit confused, or you hate this book so much that you just feel like hating on it. I thought that this book was good and I highly disagree that Jade was selfish and such. She was doing so much to save her mother from the Freshies and you call that selfish?

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Tesh maybe put in a spoiler tag?

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