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Prom and Prejudice by Elizabeth Eulberg
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Jun 30, 12

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Read from June 26 to 27, 2012

This is pretty much a retelling of Pride and Prejudice, it has nearly the exact same plot. The names are the same for the main characters and they have the same personalities. There are notable differences though. It is set in modern day, in an elite bordering school, they are younger, and Lizzie doesn't have sisters. Jane is her friend instead of her sister.

The biggest problem I had with this was that some things where hard for me to swallow. I mean why would you throw milk at someone you don't even know because they are poorer than you? I honestly don't think that would happen. First, I think people usually don't hate you on sight. Second, if they do girls are not so obvious about it. Girls are more secret about it, they use words as their weapons—usually. Lizzie is middle class, which follows better with P&P but she acts like she is poor (or working class). Working class kids don't get piano lessons since the age of four. Granted, she mentions how hard her parents had to work. The other thing I sometimes couldn’t buy was the dialogue. For the most part it was fine but every once in a while words like 'agreeable qualities' and 'foolish' are used. People I know use words like 'nice' and 'stupid.' I kept thinking people don't talk like that. Now I know that it was to play into the Austen kind of feel but it just didn't fit for me.

Now for the good stuff, Lizzie is strong and talented though the bullying does dispirit her. I like it that Lizzie and Will Darcy are into music, it actually plays a significant part later on in the book. Lizzie’s friend Jane is a nice person and so is Bingley and they are not seen as stupid though they don't notice everything that is going on. It's just more that they are distracted. The friendship that Jane and Lizzie had was pretty good. Also, I always looked forward to seeing Darcy. While reading certain scenes with Lizzie and Darcy and even Wick I had to smile. It was fun to see the characters in Austen's novel in this different setting. Eulberg really kept all the things I liked about Pride and Prejudice and added her own stuff, such as Lizzi's piano playing. The ending was good and sweet which is what I was hoping for.

Though I prefer other Austen adaptations I had fun reading Prom and Prejudice. For a teenage version of Pride and Prejudice it wasn't half bad.
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Andrea Youngken wow, tho this comment was a year ago, id just like to mention that working class families CAN actually give their kid piano lessons starting at age 4. i mean, i did. and im still going at it, a century and a year later.
It's understandable how you'd prefer the original, i mean, that's the point, right? haha. yeah, i loved this book.

Valerie Maybe you're right. I'm just going by working class families that I know of, but there are always exceptions.
Have you read the original? It's is definitely one of my favorite classics.

Andrea Youngken Of course. Also like maybe where you live.
Anyway, yeah, i did read the original. that's part of the reason why I picked this one (and a few others, too) up. It might not bet too too far of a stretch to say if a young girl (generalizing, but it's true) read this, Jane Austen's characters would have a face in the reader's mind; even if it wasn't exactly the same.
The first time I read Prom and Prejudice, it was after PRIDE and Prej., and I think it helped me to kind of get the gist of what each story was, what each author intended, and the over all story that made pride and prejudice a classic.

Valerie Are you saying that this book helped you with reading the original and other takes on the book? I can see that. I watched the movie before I read the book and it helped me follow the plot.
This book followed the plot pretty well, but you're right, the differences just stuck out to me because it's an adaptation.

Andrea Youngken that happens a lot. Sort of like that feeling you get when you've read the book first, then expect so much out of a movie? Yeah. Thus, the reason why people tend to prefer the books over movies. lol. And no, not this book that helped me. I just understand everything because, it's so hard to put, but something like: well, of course the original is the original and what else can ya say?, but like with all the adaptations along with the original, everything...comes together? So in a way, yes, there are things in one that make the other easier to understand, and vice versa. Was that too roundabout? Sorry, i tend to talk like that, too.

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