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A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies
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Jun 19, 12

bookshelves: anticlimactic, fantasy, worst, fallen-angels-etc, family, horrible-romance, romance, terrible-protagonist, paranormal-romance, stupid
Recommended to Wafiyah by: My really smart conscience.
Recommended for: Dimwits
Read from June 17 to 19, 2012, read count: Once, and never again

Oh, hey guys. Look at what we've got here: a love triangle, but here's the thing. It may seem like a story that deals mainly on two guys and a girl and a bunch of crap about Rebels and the Order and whatnot, but there's also that annoying plot where the protagonist does not know anything about making up her mind.

Skye, unfortunately, isn't able to understand the difference between a Class A jerk, and someone worth calling a boyfriend. I'm no scientist, but the only solution to all the questions she asked herself at the beginning of the novel about Asher being a jerk, should she like him, why is he constantly hanging out with Ellie, is one: the guy is not your fricking type, and sorry for the bluntness, but you gotta get over your insane jealousy. Seriously.

A few words to describe Skye: Obsessive. Jealous. Dimwitted. Brain-damaged. Indecisive. Lacking serious attention span. Unfriendly. Ignorant. Selfish. Rude. Not hilarious at all. Dumb. Shallow.

Honestly, I never get why the guys fall for the dumb characters, but then again in this novel, I wouldn't worry too much. By the time I was starting to like Devin and his "shy smile" (which by the way became a bit too annoying later on) he adapted the jerkism trait of his "cousin" and decided to pull off the I-really-do-like-you-but-I-can't-really-seriously act. And to be honest, all the crap about falling in love with fallen angels kind of goes to waste.

Couldn't stand this novel, or the characters, or the ending. Two out of five stars.

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Reading Progress

06/19/2012 page 113
29.0% "Fuck this shit! She's going on and off about how much of a smug bastard Asher is, and how sweet and quiet Devin is, and then she makes up her mind about three times a day about how she dislikes them both, but then the next day, noooo; it's all about living up to Ashley's fucking expectations! If she thinks he's a jerk, then there's only one solution: stop. Obsessing."
06/19/2012 page 130
33.0% "“Yes?” he prodded.
“Well, I just—I don’t understand. I thought you were... you know... but now you’re flirting with Ellie—” I
stopped and looked up at him. His eyes were soft and brown and warm, and I was more confused than ever. “Look, I don’t know what I thought, never mind. I’m just tired.”

*Clasps hands and stares at sky* Please, Lord, help me. I can't even. I just can't."
06/19/2012 page 220
56.0% "I swallowed, trying to keep it together. “You watch me when I sleep?”
“Once or twice.” He smiled. “I don’t exactly make a habit of it. It’s a weird feeling, being in someone’s room when they don’t know you’re there.”

Jerkwad love interest? Check. Unnecessary love triangle? Check. Jerkwad love interest watching idiotic protagonist while asleep? Check and check and head-desk."
06/19/2012 page 252
65.0% "'Then all of a sudden he’d taken two giant steps toward me, and before I knew it, had taken my face into his hands and the rest of me into the darkness of his wings, and he was kissing me and I was kissing him and we were kissing each other in my little bedroom, in my little house, in my little town, while the mountains soared into the sky.'

What the hell am I reading?"

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