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Economix by Michael  Goodwin
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Jun 25, 2012

it was ok
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This book had a really interesting concept - using a graphic novel format to simplify the economy (this is an adult book). I learned a little bit and enjoyed the first half. However, a caveat: in the second part of the book, the author warns that he's going to get political and that is when this book went downhill, and fast. At least he gave a warning.

In full disclosure, I am a fiscal conservative so the author's blatant liberalism would be something I wouldn't agree with anyway. However, he is so unwilling to give any modern conservative a modicum of credit for any economic successes that I found it quite distracting. Even in his eyes, some conservative somewhere must have gotten SOMETHING right.

It was very disappointing. I realize I don't know everything about the economy and am open to the possibility that I might be wrong about some things I think I know about it. I was hoping to read a book that took the economy from an independent standpoint; sadly, this wasn't it.
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Elina Hi there,

I enjoyed your review of this book, but I don't think it's possible to look at the economy "from an independent standpoint with no agenda". Anyone that tells you they are doing so would be lying.
At least this author was open about his bias.

Mr. Steve True Elina, I guess you are correct. But I think he did a fair job of it in the first part of the book.

Mr. Steve I wish! :)

Iain European liberal here, reading through reviews because I'm curious about how different people reacted to this book. :)

I don't think it's quite as biased as you claim—I was surprised at how much time Goodwin seems to have for Nixon, for example. It's true that he is strongly against Reagan and both Bushes, but his arguments are consistent and seem pretty well-founded. And he doesn't think much of either Clinton or Obama—both dismissed as well-meaning but ineffectual.

Daniel Yes, the author admits a bias and yes Elina has a great point. If you want to get at the real truth of the matter when it comes to economics and politics one needs to study far and wide the many arguments for and against this or that theory/approach. At least the authors have historical facts and a very rational argument for their positions. Pleading ignorance then pointing fingers without an equally rational argument and/or facts to back up your disagreements leaves Steve and others like him with little, or no, foundation for their debate.

message 6: by Matthew (new) - added it

Matthew Jankowski Steve,

I am trying to get a better picture of the economy. I am not much for labels. Your review intrigued me. I am wondering if you might suggest an author who has put forth a conservative viewpoint on economics. I'd be interested to learn about successes etc.


Kumar Kutliev OK, I understand that. I'd like to hear about conservative successes and economic philanthropists, as well, but the fact is, when it comes to the economy, I feel like it makes sense people would be polarised. Maybe if in the near past the economy has not been run so rigidly, the people would have reacted differently and we'd be looking at a fair book. It is trying to give the impression that the major republican politicians now are not doing the right thing, and if that's the truth according to him, of course he will state it. Some people are just polarized, and I am having a hunch here that this guy didn't feel like there's middle ground between conservative and liberal budgets, here. Otherwise, he wouldn't have stated he's getting very political.

I'm glad you read the book, anyways! =)

message 8: by T (last edited Oct 19, 2015 03:56PM) (new)

T Moore It is officially listed as a Graphic Young Adult Book. I had trouble locating it in the stacks

I would guess, many school districts would not allow it on their shelves. It was too honest. haha

Myself, as a good socialist, I found it liberal capitalist too. But, is was fun to read.

The man is clearly a capitalist, I don't get your strong objections?

His major point was Capitalism is in trouble because it cannot be quantified as a pure science. It, as a human organizational system, is in constant evolution. Organizational systems have manifold influences - all of which impact at different rates of time and varying importance (this level of variance in import can change too). Besides, chaos theory is beyond even the leading economists. (me too)

It did clearly show how capitalism works. Taking from others and calling it yours. haha

It did lose a bit of steam near the end, IMO. I think, he had to begun to self-edit too much by then. In fairness, our more recent economic/other history and current events are much harder to understand. History is better looked back on from a distance. And, it was a timeline history book when all was said and done.

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