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The Facebook Era by Clara Shih
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Jun 17, 2012

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OK, it really comes down to what you know about social media, facebook specifically, and how it can help you "sell more stuff." So the bottom line to this book is the bottom line. Can you make money or more money by reading this book? Looking at this book's reviews, I see only general statements regarding the book's content and little as to whether or not it made the reviewer any money. Well did it?

If you know anything about sales or selling, it's damn difficult. Especially if you're not an established brand. Why? Because as the great marketers will tell you, people are selfish, lazy, and skeptical. Trying to sell online without an establish name or brand is most challenging. Think about it. If you click on a web page without knowing anything about the reputation of the person selling his / her service or product, how likely are you to buy? Hell, in recent weeks I've had four potential clients COME TO ME! and I'm still chasing them down trying to close a deal or provide a service.

The best way to sell is still offline. Hell, even the great online gurus tell you "Get them online and then offline as quickly as possible." Why? Well, people are people and they like to deal with, well, people. When speaking in public at seminars, I've had people come up to me and say, "I've read your articles and heard you on radio, but it's so different to see you in person."

So how does this book help you with making a REAL sale, as in cash in hand? Well, that's tough to say. Why? Because what people reading the book are looking for varies. For some ROI means simply business contacts or growing one's list; for others it means increasing close rates; and for others ability to up-sell and cross-sell. But here's the rub. It also depends on what you're selling and the uniqueness of your product / service. If you're involved in an MLM or turn-key business, your product is not unique. There are tens, hundreds, thousands out there selling what you're selling. If you get in too late, no luck. Early is best in these situations. But even if you're selling jewelry online, say your own design, why should I or anyone buy your products? This is where marketing and positioning comes into play. Little about that in this book.

Bottom line, this is a nice start, but in building a successful business it takes a lot of work, hit and / or miss activity, and just general luck before your business takes off, if it does at all. I advise you to read on how to close a sale online and offline. It's tricky, takes trial and error, and frequent tweaking. Most business fail for many reasons. This book is a primer, but I suggest you get a LOT more knowledge and background, experience even, before you or anyone believes this book alone will help them 'sell more stuff.'

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