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Black Dawn by Rachel Caine
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Jun 17, 2012

really liked it
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Read on June 17, 2012


Huge thank you to Bea's Book Nook ( for giving me the chance to win this book!!

Black Dawn is book twelve in the Morganville Vampire series. I love that this is book twelve and yet the characters are still recognizable – they have evolved but they are still the same people. There are a lot of series out there that start to lose that when they reach this stage.

This book was also apparently the end of the draug storyline. Overall the book was great, obviously the characters were in the middle of a war so there was a lot of action and crazy things going on. My only real problem with the book was the switching points of view. I know that this started with “Bite Club” (where we started to see Shane’s POV) and the author has kept it going in the later books. I originally did not like Shane’s POV in “Bite Club” because I felt as though reading through those sections was slowing the book down – although in that case it turned out that we really did need to see inside his head to understand what was happening. But, in this book, I was honestly getting irritated with the shifting points of view. I don’t think I would have minded as much if I didn’t hit this scenario: crazy thing happens that makes me immediately flip the page, then find out that the next chapter is from someone else’s point of view where they are rambling on about something unrelated to the main action; rush through that chapter to get to the main story line where crazy thing just happened; realize the next chapter is also from some secondary character’s point of view that is unrelated to the story line; growl and start flipping to see how many more pages I need to get through in order to get back to the plot. It was just irritating to be put off for so long, which is probably why it was easier for me to put this book down and walk away to do something else, unlike previous installments.

Just some random thoughts: I love that Shane was the one who figured out how to stop the draug (thanks to his juvenile delinquency), I love Myrin (everyone needs a half crazy mentor!), also, can someone please just kill of Monica already? (view spoiler)

I was also a tad bit frustrated because the final battle was kind of a letdown, after all we have these impossible to defeat creatures that vampires have never been able to fight effectively and then it was just over so fast. But, I will say that I kind of expected that because I saw a similar issue in previous books. The real fun part of the book was in getting to that scene anyway.

I can see where some people are going to start getting frustrated with this series in that it is becoming a bit repetitive (how many time are we going to sit through Monica being a b**ch, something bad happening, Monica demanding help, Claire feeling bad for her, Shane going on about how she killed his sister, everyone bucking up and helping to save Monica's hide, Monica showing a millisecond of vulnerability, and then Monica acting like a b*tch again). The repetitiveness is a bit annoying after twelve books so I am hoping that the author lets some of the characters move beyond their issues.

Overall the book was a great read, and I dove straight in and finished it pretty fast. I will say that if you have not read the previous books this will probably make very little sense, so it is just best to start at the beginning.

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