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Games of the Heart by Kristen Ashley
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Jun 21, 12

Read in June, 2012

Mike is Good Guy, but yeah like so many book KA, the hero have same ALPHA shit,.. Three jumped to conclusions about Dusty

Heroine Dusty so great awesome woman in this book.

“Thanks, Mike. It’s good to know early you’re an asshole. I’m glad to know that now before I gave my heart to you because I had one day with you and I was all set to wrap it up in a tidy bow and hand it right over"

I’m suddenly with a woman whose promise is so fuckin’ sweet, she makes Vi, who’s beautiful, funny and kind, seem like sloppy seconds.

Good than Viv "At peace" (view spoiler)

And sometimes in the middle of reading this i will remember Mike at preview book At Peace, and how he and Vi hook up.

Wow how can you stay at same Town and meet with woman you "fallen" and hook up before, Mike?? about Dusty be friend with Vi, but i'm not worry cos Dusty just so cool and Bold!!

You aren’t the first woman I’ve known who’s known what it’s like to kiss my man

Go Go Dusty!!!

I even pity Cal Joe about Mike and Viv, when Mike think Cal didn’t like a reminder his wife had been in Mike’s bedroom at all much less more than once,give your wife head to head, S***t


Sometimes i will compare between viv and Dusty and how Mike brought Viv first to his new home and his bed after the broke up Mike never brought other women to the house again.
When Mike and Viv separated and Mike so sad and say :

“I liked bein’ with you,”
“Sweetheart, you’re killin’ me.”
“Don’t, honey,”

And he understood, having Dusty’s attention, concern and care, that was what he’d been looking for in Violet, what he’d been looking for all his life. And never finding. Having it was another story.

So i guess Mike never truly love Vi just want have a dream again after lost with his first wife. Hehehe

Yeaaahhh i hate that, and this is Crazy, this words i remember in my crazy head.LOL

I loveeeeee so about the Kids, so romantic Clarisse and Fin, No and even Kirby.

But again i don't like this shit about Mike when he meet Roki, wife of his friend!!

"Still, as often as he saw her, like Vi, February and, now, Dusty, he never got used to her beauty.."
"Seeing her sitting there, her long, shapely legs crossed, her demeanor one that indicated she had no idea her affect on a man"

Owcch Mike You still bad, you compare another woman beauty with your woman???? are u kidding me???

Epilogue Good funny so cute with present Mandy Their Girl
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