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Faith by Jennifer Haigh
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Jun 16, 2012

it was amazing
Read in June, 2012

I loved this book! I read it in a few days while traveling and I couldn't wait to get back to the home we were staying at so I could read some more.
I picked up the book because the story I am writing has a young woman who has lost faith and is trying to regain it. I never expected Haigh's book to be so compelling.
I have passed this book on and that person passed it on to someone else. Now I have to get it back to pass on to my best reading friend.
P.S. I know authors prefer we each buy our own book, but I have always given my books away after reading them. This one, I only lent out though because it is so good, I want it back eventually!
I don't know if this book is for everyone. Many people here seem to be into fantasy which is the opposite of my tastes. "faith" reads like a memoir. It is stunningly beautiful in it's language, it's story and the way the story is told.
I am not religious. I consider myself a recovering agnostic, a spiritual person. But I did have an ulterior motive for ordering this book, which I temporarily forgot as it sat on my shelf. Then, on my way out the door to catch a plane bound for SF, I grabbed the book. From the moment I started reading, I did not want to put it down. It is a sad story about the human condition and especially about the life of a priest. A priest that never thought of doing anything else, but one who questions how well he does his life work. About the ulterior motive, there is a priest and an archbishop in the story I am writing.
"faith" is told from the POV of the sister of the priest, a position some might think would not let her in on the details of her mother's, brothers' and father's inner workings, but she actually does an excellent job. Though she does say at the beginning that what she didn't know, she surmised. And since this is fiction, she is allowed to do that (though I do suspect many writers do it in nonfiction as well).
I loved this book, every page, every paragraph, every sentence. The author understands humans very well; she understands the human condition even better. I look forward to reading her other books, and I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a cathartic read that brings you to a new level of understanding our fellow passersby in this place we call life.

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Jennifer Haigh
“The story of my family. . .changes with the teller.”
Jennifer Haigh, Faith

Jennifer Haigh
“I wanted only a familiar voice, someone who knew me. Not some earlier, larval version of myself. . .”
Jennifer Haigh, Faith

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