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City of Glass by Cassandra Clare
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Oct 10, 2008

it was amazing
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It goes without saying that I am a lover of books. Stories, characters, and delicious prose...well...these are things that I throw myself into. My shelves are filled with countless books that i have read and loved, stories that I have enjoyed reading.
I have never enjoyed reading a book as much as I enjoyed this one. Never.

It's a scary thing when you get to the final book in a series or trilogy that you particularly care about. There's a certain amount of apprehension involved,correlating directly to your emotional involvement to the story and characters. Its tricky for the author to wrap things up in a way that is true to the characters, consistent with the themes of the previous books, ties up the major and minor story arcs, and is still enjoyable to read. I've never read the final book in any series that managed to seamlessly do all of those things. City of Glass did.

The characters in a story like this should be expected to change, to be affected by the events around them, and to react to them in some way. This was handled fantastically!

Clary was very Clary-ish. Particularly early on in the book she was just as rash and independent and headstrong as ever. Watching her character progression over the span of the book (as well as the series), I must say that she usurps Gemma Doyle for the crown of female protagonists in the category that I refer to as "Girls Who Do Things." And she does "Do Things." Regardless of the fact that Jace disabled her truck tried to keep her from Idris, despite the fact that she lacks the training or even the in depth knowledge of their society, Clary refuses to sit on the sidelines. She refuses to be relegated to the role of bystander or victim. She was very true to the character that we got to know in City of Bones and City of Ashes.

Jace, well, what can I say. Jace's journey here is epic. As he has in every book before, he broke my heart. Watching him struggle with himself, with his past, with things he cannot is beautiful.

The 'minor' characters (though I am loathe to call them that, seeing how real and well developed they are) really shine here, too. I can't really elaborate without giving anything away, but WOW. They all grow to meet the challenges before them, and we see a different side of *everyone* in Idris, though they stay true to the characters we knew. To say that I am ecstatic about the character development here is a gross understatement.

All of the story arcs--both for the individual characters as well as the main conflicts--are tied up nicely. The foundations for everything that happens have been building since COB. The resolutions are not gratuitous or indulgent. They feel as if--rather than the writer giving the series the ending she wanted it to have, regardless of whether or not it fit the themes of the other books--the author allowed these characters to tell their stories through her. It was the way endings should be...but so rarely ever are. Nothing in this book (or the epilogue) will taint your love for the will grow it.

Ashley said that reading City of Glass was like riding a roller coaster in the dark, and she was not wrong. I laughed, I cried, I squealed, I shouted at the characters, I yelled "Yes!" and "No!" Oftentimes I did all of those things within the span of a single chapter. It's an emotional whirlwind reading experience. I was physically unable to put the book down from the moment I picked it up. And the ending? Well, the ending left me breathless.

I don't say this lightly: there are probably two dozen books that I easily list as "one of my favorite books of all time."

City of Glass is not on that list.

City of Glass *IS* my favorite book of all time.

For sheer emotional connect, suspense, excitement, character WIN, romance, frighteningly believable villainy goodness, and moments that made me flail around like a toddler in the candy closet, it is unparalleled. Amazing. Wonderful. Fantastic. Words fail me.

So for those of you eagerly counting down the days between now and March 24, take heart. City of Glass is well worth the wait. I had really high expectations for it, really high hopes, and it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. It was better.

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Cassandra Clare
“Because that was what you did with family when you'd been worried about them, you grabbed them and held on to them and told them how much they'd pissed you off, and it was okay, because no matter how angry you got, they still belonged to you.”
Cassandra Clare, City of Glass

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Sarah really? i am so jealous

Aristhyia *broken sob* I want that book, damnit!

message 3: by Marcy Jo (new) - added it

Marcy Jo Sarah wrote: "really? i am so jealous"

*grin* You are going to LOVE IT!

Full review is up now!

message 4: by Sarah (last edited Jan 16, 2009 07:31AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sarah Marcy Jo wrote: "Sarah wrote: "really? i am so jealous"

*grin* You are going to LOVE IT!

Full review is up now!"

Your review was fantasmic. I am really looking forward to reading it, and i am very relieved that the ending won't leave me boggled or distraught. yeah City of Glass :)

message 5: by Kit (new) - added it

Kit Hi. I talked to you over at...some other site and asked for a list of books. Then I saw this amazing site, so now I have one too with all of my books up and on line. I keep really detailed lists of all the books I've ever read, so putting them all up was pretty easy. I can't believe how cool this is!! Thanks!!

Donna (Jaevenstar) I want an ARC!!! What can I bribe you with??

Viola Awesome review. I agree with you completely. It was the perfect ending.

message 8: by Kit (new) - added it

Kit I agree with Viola. The ending was AMAZING. But then, so was the whole book. Cassandra is SUCH A GOOD WRITER.

Aerin Thank you SO much for putting such a perfect review up! If you don't write reviews as a profession, you totally should. I seriously can't wait to read this now!!! Not that I was not excited about it before xDDD City of Ashes left me hanging--City of Glass will be amazing. And perfect! I can get it right before I go off on my vacation this summer. Though I wonder if that's really a good thing for fully enjoying my trip. lol 'Cause most likely, I won't put it down until I finish it. :)

Samantha Thank you for writing this review! It was perfect, and I share your sentiments regarding City of Glass. Like the book, your review was beautiful, and I think if Ms. Clare could read it, she would be proud. I was laughing, crying and yelling at the characters too, lol.

Amber Rose OMG u r totally wright! i absolutley loved each and every one of the books :]] sooooo good 5 stars on all...i am officially obsessed with this series <3

message 12: by Sara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Sara Love this review. Can't wait to finish this book and I couldn't agree with you more about this series!

message 13: by Quin (new) - added it

Quin Best review I have ever read!

Wildcat-Mimi i agree .. really the best review

message 15: by Audrey (new) - added it

Audrey D I agree with you. But you do know that City of Glass was not the last book.

Suzie I love your review, and agree on all accounts! I feel like a book has not affected me like this one has, ever. I became obsessed and just couldn't stop! I was also laughing and crying and squealing throughout. The story was just amazing, and the character progression was so well done, on all accounts. This was my first time reading it, but I know I will forever be re-reading this book!

message 17: by Marcy Jo (new) - added it

Marcy Jo I do know that it's not the last book...but at the time that the review was written, it was supposed to be the last!

message 18: by Adrian (new)

Adrian Waller I agree with most of your points. I feel that Clare did a fabulous job developing the characters while staying true to them being teenagers. Many authors write intending the characters to be teens, but end up losing the innocence and paying more attention to the plot development, causing the characters to act as adults. This book is an exemplary example of how to tie up all the ends at the end of a series. I am so glad she wrote more books! One of Clare's strengths as a writer is developing the characters in such a way that although they are supernatural, they have many realistic aspects as well, which causes the readers to have an easier time connecting to the characters and the readers become more attached to the book as a whole. This novel defiantly made my list of top novels! :)

message 19: by Catherine (new)

Catherine Renee I am completely on the same page with you!! Clare did an absolutely phenomenal job of tying together all of the little details to where it expands into the bigger picture of the story. That's what I love most about the entire series. The best example of this in my opinion is the story line of Clary's mom being injected with angel and demon blood. After much character development, Clare reveals that this is why Clary has special powers and exactly what her powers are, and then she ends up using her gift to help the Shadowhunters and Downworlders win the Mortal War. It was beautifully done and I can't wait to get to the City of Fallen Angels!

Haylie Sshelton Thank god! I knew people would love it as much as I did.just don't read that 'I am Danielle' review that person is stupid and does not know how to respect books for what they are!

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