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The Donors by Jeffrey Wilson
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Jun 16, 2012

really liked it
Read in June, 2012

An engaging story that chronicles the terror of a small boy who is living in an abusive situation with his mothers boy friend baby sitting him while his mother works and resenting the task and hating the child he is watching. What complicates the story is the second year resident medical student that is treating young Nathan after he is badly burnt and his arm broken by the cruel boyfriend, Steve is also the product of an abused childhood where every day was lived in pain and fear while his mother did everything she could to provide for him but finally died from cancer. The doctor, Jason, felt he didn't do enough to sustain his mother even though he was just a small child. In this mix, two lizard like entities from another dimension, Mr. Clarke and Mr. Smith were attracted to the hospital environment because of the fear and pain that is incident there. They had the ability to mask their true appearances (lizard like creatures with black hollow eyes with an orange cast around the center, appearing like just very white slender men that dressed in long trench coats and fedoras). They also were able to compel human subjects to take part in their grizzly actions of drugging patients, declaring death and then kidnapping and harvesting organs in the most painful and cruel way, then erase their memories of the actions the participated in. This activity supplied the heavy charged emotions incident with fear and pain that the entities fed upon, in the form of life force escaping as light from the mutilated patients and absorbed by the monster entities. Mr. Clarke and Mr. Smith cloaked their actions as attempts to reform abusers that they justified torturing to force their repentance. The other dimension entities feared children younger that six or seven because of their ability to imagine and believe in their dreams. A torture cave with liquids puddling after draining down the walls was the center of much of the torture of Mr. Clarke and Mr. Smith. The darkness, moistness and hard echos of the moaning caused by pain accentuated the creation of even more fear and hence more food for the other dimension natives. It was impossible to leave the book for any length for fear that the beautiful nurse that Jason was falling for was going to be subverted by the monsters or they would drag off another patient to do terrible things to or perhaps compel Nathan or his mother to participate in one of their organ removal activities. It felt like you had to just keep reading to prevent any additional damage to these poor young damaged children. It was just about as hard to abandon the abused mothers but, there was an urge to encourage punishment of the abusive partners that were also taken. Good read with consequences and redeeming strength being manifest just at the right time from abused children that still were able to conjure up the images of the Red Ranger or in Jason's case, the force from his youthful association with the Star Wars Characters. A real edge of the chair action thriller with very real seeming threats to the sympathetic characters. A bit of a dark story based on the horrible activities that the children and other weak people were forced to endure but, not that far away from real life on our planet.
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