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Less Than Nothing by Slavoj Žižek
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Jun 16, 2012

it was amazing

I don't often plug another authors book -- however, Zizek's 'Less Than Nothing' will go down as the philosophical work of this decade.

We will forgive Zizek when he classifies each of us (rather correctly..?) as either idiot, imbecile or moron. We will overlook his participation in the Cult of Nothingness. As all dogma should be mistrusted we will overlook his participation in the 200 year-old philosophical foolishness after scientific dogma (note, Zizek's incorporation of the Higgs into his philosophy).

However, capitalism enables our fetishizing of objects and along with postmodernism obscures our symbiotic relationships (the most basic relationship at the heart of the capitalism system is wage-labor or is it slave labor?). If his project, that is to force the re-evaluation of our own beliefs, is successful -- then we will be indebted to Zizek.

Personally, because ALL future philosophical publications will need to take on board Zizek's 1010 page edifice, I have also delayed my next book.

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