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The Terror by Dan Simmons
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Jul 25, 2007

Read in August, 2007

Three weeks in to this 700+ page book and I'm only at page 336. Much like the icebound ships and crew, I am far from comfort and stuck for the duration. Dan Simmons is a genius and has written many wonderful books. But Dan Simmons writes what Dan Simmons wants to write and all else be damned! This book is well-researched and the quality of the writing is above reproach. It's the glacial pacing that's really killing it for me. Around page 175 I was completely disheartened by yet another flashback but I pressed on and tried not to look at the page numbers. One day I stole a look and my spirits were lifted by the fact that I had reached page 302 but my hopes were quickly dashed when I realized I had not yet even made the halfway point. What's even more disheartening is the historical fact that this story does not have a happy ending. I'll write a proper review when I'm done but be warned, this is not a book you read to enjoy, this is a book that tests your very limits of endurance.

Abandoned ship on page 382. Perhaps I'll continue at a later date, perhaps not.
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message 1: by Joshua (new)

Joshua Needle Having finished the book, I felt the same feeling of being left out in the dark questioning myself "Where is this going?" But I read on, and along the way the story definitely picks up. Simmons takes you through many intriguing storylines that resonate with you (I hope i'm not spoiling anything by giving names but, Caulker's mate Hickey, Harry Peglar, Second Steward Bridgens, and especially Lieutenant Irving offer seperate mini plot lines that are incredibly well illustrated and definitely spice things up. Overall, I would definitely try to pick the book up again, but be weary that it's not a book to be swallowed in one gulp, but savored and pondered upon.

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