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Albino by E.J. Dabel
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Jun 20, 2012

it was amazing


by E.J. Dabel

Illustrated by Jorge Correa

217 pages (ebook reviewed) – ages 9+

Published by Sea Lion Books on April 30, 2012

Albino was a large white mouse with blood-red eyes. One day, Daryl, a “street urchin” who Albino’s owner (Farmer Springer) took in, threw Albino into a river near where they live. Albino is carried off by the river to a land far away called Nothengarrd. Albino makes friends with some of the animals that inhabit Nothengarrd. When Albino finds out he is the Hoge Koning (the Emperor of all Nothengarrd), his adventure becomes even more dangerous! The spiritual guardians and the citizens of Nothengarrd were able to rid the lad of the evil Emperor Loucura (a pretty evil rat), but now Loucura has come back to life and wants to take control again and make every creature bow to him (which the citizens swore they would do a long time ago). Albino stands in his way. Can Albino and his new friends stop Loucura?

3 words – It’s totally awesome.

I really couldn’t put this book down! The entire story kept me wanting to find out what happens next. I like how the animals are all intelligent (kind of like Redwall – I think fans of Redwall will really like this book). I like how the animal use the things around them in the woods to make their clothes. Albino is a great main character. He goes through a lot in the book and I really wanted him to succeed. He is considered an “abomination” by the people of Nothengarrd at first because he finds out he is half mouse and half rat, but he proves himself to be a good friend and brave and loyal (and just pretty cool). I also really liked Albino’s father, Terco Fells. Below is an illustration of him. There were a few illustrations in the book. I think the illustrations in the book are great and add to the story.

Mr. Dabel describes the action in the story and scenery of Nothengarrd really well. I felt like I was there.


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Sea Lion Books Thanks, Erik!

Erik This Kid Reviews Books You're welcome :) Albino is an awesome book!

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