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Country Mouse by Amy Lane
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I wasn't particularly fond of Malcolm, who came off as something of a smug dick, with a touch of creepy semi-misogyny ("ex-bitch-harpy," really?) to round out his character. Owen wasn't quite as unpleasant, but he was a relative vacuum; I never really got a strong feel for who he was, despite spending eighty-ish pages with him. Neither of them seemed like fully-realized people, and their relationship suffered from that lack.

That absence of chemistry between them impacted everything else: the story was kind of boring in general. They had sex a lot-- I didn't find it particularly hot, but others might-- and there were a lot of what some call "curtain fic" tropes, as they went shopping for clothes and ordered food together. I like curtain fic, but I was still pretty uninterested in it-- again, because I just couldn't buy their relationship from the get go. Then there was some stuff about Malcolm being a Dom-but-not, and Owen showing him his true self, and then (view spoiler) I had trouble really buying that, either. In all, the writing was serviceable, but there was just no spark to any of it.
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