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Hot in Handcuffs by Sylvia Day
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Jun 21, 2012

it was amazing
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Hot In Handcuffs is a book comprised of three different novellas.

Arresting Desire by Shayla Black
Rating-5 Stars

Jon has been wanting Lucia ever since he met her two years ago, but he was working undercover at the time and she was too young and inexperienced. So Jon left without ever touching her. Now Jon is back and Lucia doesn't look so young anymore and Jon is bound to prove to Lucia that he does desire and want her.

Lucia always wanted her first time to be with Jon, but when she all but threw herself at him and he denied her she got the message. Now she's about to embark on a trip with her best friend and is determined to lose her v-card no mater what. What she doesn't expect is to see Jon again and looking oh so yummy.

When she is sent a birthday gift from her father who has been dead for the past two years, Jon believes that this may be just the information he needs to help exonerate his brother.

Together they embark on a mission to solve the mystery while at the same time explore the feelings and passion they ignite in one another.

This was story was so good. I now understand what the big deal is about Shayla Black. She completely rocked my world and in such a a good way. I could not stop reading. I was hooked from the first page. She had just the right amount of suspense mixed in with the romance. I like that we were shown a bit of the characters past. I was able to get a good feel for them both. I loved the chemistry between Lucia and Jon. The chemistry between the two was hot and their sex scenes were electric. I will definitely be checking out more from Shayla.

On Fire by Sylvia Day
Rating-5 Stars

Wow oh wow, but this was one HOT story. There were quite a few parts that had me fanning myself because the scenes between Jared and Darcy were so scorching hot. The passion between them is intense and immediate. It didn't feel phony or rushed at all. Seriously, these two were hot together and I loved it.

There have been a series of arson attacks in Lion's Bay lately and Darcy, one of the towns fire inspectors knows they need to get help with solving the case. So they decide to call in the US Marshall's in for help with the investigation.

Deputy Marshall Jared Cameron has been sent to Lion's Bay to help investigate a series of arson attacks that have been occurring. He never expected to come across bombshell Darcy Michaels in his investigation. One look at Darcy and his blood is pumping and he know that he needs to make his move. She has a fire about her that can't be tamed and Jared just wants some of it.

What was supposed to be a one night stand is quickly turning into more, and neither Jared nor Darcy quite know what to make of it. Both feel an insane amount of passion and desire, but on top of that both are quickly realizing that their feelings of lust are becoming so much more. Will either be able to walk away when the investigation is through?

The Unwilling by Shiloh Walker
Rating-5 Stars

This was the first time I have read anything by this author and I have definitely been missing out. OMG, but this story was so good. There was just so much pain and emotion flowing between Mica and Colby. And let me just say I will never be able to listen to Hero by Enrique Iglesias again and not think of this story.

I loved the connection between Mica and Cobly. It just jumped off of the page and slaps you in the face. They have a complicated past both with and without the other. Once they were partners in the FBI and shared a special psychic connection. Not only were they working partners, but they were partners in the bedroom and things were pretty hot and heavy. Things were going great until all of a sudden Mica bowed out without an explanation. She never really excepted or understood her psychic gift and it along with her relationship with Colby freaked her out so she ran and has been running for the last fifteen years. Now Mica, a lieutenant in the police force is working on a case that will bring her face to face with the past she longs to forget.

Colby has spent the last fifteen years thinking about Mica. He was in love with her and has never felt the connection that they shared with anyone else. He assumed when she left that she would eventually come back, maybe not to the FBI, but at least to him and what they shared together. But when she stayed away he got the message loud and clear. Now Mica is back and she wants Colby's help solving a rash of gruesome murders. Colby doesn't want to help, he's been out of the FBI for two years after a mission went bad but can't say know to Mica. He knows that without his help something terrible could happen so he reluctantly agrees.

Both soon find that even though it's been fifteen years, the passion still ignites fires and the connection is still strong as ever. Colby is bound and determined to make Mica realize that her curse is indeed a gift and that she won't be able to just walk away for both it and Colby this time.


This book as a whole was just so freaking good! I normally don't read these authors but you better believe I will definitely be on a lookout for their books from now on. Each novella was so good that I found myself unable to stop reading once I started.

What I liked most about Hot In Handcuffs is that each story felt complete. Even though they were novellas, they didn't feel rushed or as if info was missing. To be honest, I feel so good about each story that I don't even want more. Each had a beginning, middle and end and I feel like I can walk away completely satisfied which normally isn't the case for me when I read novellas. Each story felt like a full length novel and I found myself completely engrossed with each.

My only complaint(it's a small one) is the last story felt as if it didn't mesh as well with the first two stories. The first two stories were very erotic and the last story was not as erotic and definitely more dark. But I still loved it regardless. This book definitely made me fans of each author.
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