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Wild Thing by Josh Bazell
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Jun 15, 12

it was ok

Apparently Wild Thing is a sequel to Beat the Reaper. According to a review from a couple years back I, uh, liked Beat the Reaper a lot. But I can't remember anything about the book. In fact, I thought Beat the Reaper was Lavelle's Big Machine so I was confused when weird urban religious sects didn't play a role in Wild Thing. In turn I think it's fair to say that you don't need to read Beat the Reaper to like or understand Wild Thing. Although, like I said, apparently I liked Beat the Reaper. Shut up. You've forgotten entire books, too.

Wild Thing primarily addresses a mob-killer-turned-witness-protection-participant who gets invited by a reclusive billionaire to check out a sea monster legend in rural Minnesota. Bazell's lightning-quick dialogue and well-constructed set-pieces (e.g. a shootout in a cheap diner fronting crystal meth dealers) allow him to go completely bonkers with the plot in a couple instances. Like, “I cannot believe THAT real life person showed up in this book" bonkers. Wild Thing reads like a movie about which you don't want to over-analyze the plot because the deus ex machina parade runs fire-engine loud through the center of the novel's coherence, especially when Bazell wraps up loose ends. I laughed more than once and kind of anticipated the (real, more on this in a second) ending because my kids watch a shitload of the History Channel. But the novel's cardinal sin is a bizarro political rant tacked onto the end for no reason other, than I can tell, for Bazell to spew about politics in the guise of a character's voice. I didn't sign up for a political rant, so I skimmed that part. But the rest of Wild Thing is better than most novels that aim for the smart and funny target. I just wish Bazell hadn't cheap-shot the coda. Not cool, sir. Save the political crap for a blog.
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Kelly H. (Maybedog) Isn't it funny when you read a review you wrote years ago and you think, "I read that? I wrote that?" Maybe not funny, maybe more like God-I-hope-it's-not-early-onset-Alzheimer's.

RandomAnthony Man, there are all sorts of things I can't remember. Yesterday I couldn't remember Blake Lively's name, and she's smokin'.

Kelly H. (Maybedog) My kids get really mad when I mix their names up. It's even worse when I mix them up with the dog. A few days ago I was talking with one of my exes and I kept interchanging her name with that of my daughter when I was complaining about the latter's alcoholism (she's almost 19). Given that the former had a drinking problem when we were together (when we were in college--in other words similar in age) was, to say the least, awkward. Maybe not quite the same thing but no less disturbing.

When you can't remember Blake Lively's cleavage, then I would worry.

message 4: by Noran (new) - added it

Noran Miss Pumkin Thanks for the review. I read Beat the Reaper earlier this year ans wondering about the sequel.

RandomAnthony When you can't remember Blake Lively's cleavage, then I would worry.

Ha! I just saw this, Kelly. No worries:)

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