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The Affair by Lee Child
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Jun 15, 12

Read from June 13 to 15, 2012

This was my third Jack Reacher novel, and as with the other two that I had read, this fulfilled its basic purpose to entertain. This novel, though the latest of the series, almost acts as the prequel explaining the emergence of the now 'nomadic' Reacher that we know.

Set in 1997, Reacher is still with the Army, and he gets deputed to a small town in Mississippi concerning mysterious killings of of some young women. The town has a huge Army establishment, and the Army wants to ascertain whether one of theirs was involved in the crime. Hence Reacher is given the job of passive reconnaissance. But, Reacher being Reacher, the protector of justice, ends up getting involved in murky world of high level politics. During the week that he spends in that town, he makes a couple of friends, including a local lady Sheriff, but it turns out that she herself is of a questionable past. Unlike the other novels in the series, Reacher gets into hand-to-combat only a few times, and there are no prizes for guessing who wins those bouts. Eventually, Reacher secures justice, but for himself he earns an unknown future. The fate of the relationship between Reacher and the Sheriff (Elizabeth) is left unanswered rather abruptly towards the end.

As I mentioned, the story entertains, but does not exactly 'thrill'. This novel is a fast, 'masala' read, and to that extent it is enjoyable. If you are a Reacher fan and like macho, vigilante adventure with some suspense thrown in, go ahead and grab it. If you are rather looking for a high quality mystery, perhaps you are better off exploring other options.

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