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A Night Like This by Julia Quinn
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Jun 15, 2012

it was ok

It didn't catch me as good as JQ's previous books. It was all going too fast. I don't know if their first kiss along with the first meeting had something to do with it... but now that I mentioned it, it probably was.

I wasn't also that enamored with Daniel's sudden realization of his love for Anne. It was too... descriptive, pardon my lack of vocabulary. Or shall I use the word narrative?

And their flirtations were very monotonous. I don't know why I described it as it is, but it was what I felt while reading it.

But I actually like the involvement of Frances at the ending part. It's a first for me to read a JQ book which tackles a great deal about kids. Frances was the "only hope", as Daniel put it. And it was really true! She deserves to be a heroine; a book that is dedicated to her; say, 10 years after this book's time?

Daniel himself was also a little vague for me. His childhood wasn't much talked about because JQ focused on the event that lead him to exile.

Anyway, this wasn't a bad read. But it couldn't compare to other books JQ has written. Especially the Bridgerton series, and my most favorite of all: What Happens in London


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