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Defying the Odds by Kele Moon
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Jun 14, 2012

really liked it
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Read from June 14 to 16, 2012

Rating: B

I'm not into any of the fighting sports whether it be wrestling or mixed martial arts but I did enjoy reading the fight scenes and the rivalry as well as the camaraderie. These guys really get into pummeling each other. But it's not about anger as much as it is about competition not only against their opponent but against their own abilities. These guys push themselves very hard!

Clay Powers aka Powerhouse, has come home for what he hopes will be a little break from the spotlight. He's also there to get ready for a very important match. He's become disillusioned with his celebrity, tired of everyone wanting something from him. Clay's burnout comes across well. He's tired of living in the spotlight but still loves the challenge of the fight. That shows in the training scenes when Clay and Wyatt spare. They don't think they've trained hard enough unless someone bleeds!

Melody Dylan is thankful for the kindness of strangers. The folks in this small town took her in and helped her when she was at her lowest. Now she's working hard to show them that she's worth taking the chance. I liked Mel's spunk! She's sexy in a sweet, almost innocent way. Almost like she's oblivious to her allure. She does have moments when she seemed almost too sweet, too trusting after everything she's been through.

The romance happens fairly quickly which really didn't surprise me. They definitely have steam but Melody did too much apologizing for her issues stemming from her abuse. Clay was a sweet, gentle giant who was far more accepting of Melody than she was of herself. He could be overprotective with her but really tried to understand her problems and work with her to overcome them.

There are some light, humorous moments throughout the story as well as darker, emotional moments. The story takes place in a small town known for producing UFC fighters. There's even a training center owned by Clay and his two best friends, siblings Wyatt and Jules. I liked the setting and the look into the world of mixed martial arts and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

This is the first book of a series that I will absolutely be reading more of. Looking forward to reading more about the secondary characters. Bring on more sexy fighters!

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