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Lost in Time by Melissa de la Cruz
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Jun 14, 2012

it was ok

I have been a loyal follower of the series since reading the first book.

To be honest, this book left me feeling rather ... confused. First off, I'm not a fan of the romantic pairings. I'm not a Jack & Schuyler fan, I'm not a Mimi & Kingsley fan, and I'm definitely not an Allegra & Ben fan. So, the pairings leave much to be desired on my end; however, what I have always enjoyed about this series has been the different characters, as individuals, and also the whole concept of Fallen Angels being the foundation for this vampire saga. VERY, very intriguing and unique.

I will begin by stating that what I liked best was the the idea to incorporate some of the past storyline from the POV of Allegra; however, with that said, I wasn't satisfied with what I got. I feel like this story has been dragging out for far too long now and while I enjoy any interaction shared between Charles and Allegra (I do support a reunion between the two archangels; it's about the only 'union' I support at this point), I'm not exactly sure what their cliffhanger is intended to lead us into. Confirmation about what we already know or most likely have guessed based on information already revealed in previous books?! I mean, for example, it's already been hinted and spelled out to us that Allegra was 'deceived' in her previous life in Florence. She wasn't with Michael, when she thought she was. It's why 'twins' started getting cycled into Blue Blood families together, via. Bloody Valentine, to avoid such a grievous error ever again. This 'deception' ultimately lead to her 'union' with Lucifer and the birth of Bliss. We also know that Lawrence and Charles, during this lifetime, conspired to have the child killed. Furthermore, we know at some point Allegra already found out the truth because she explained parts of this story during her conversation with Bliss in The Van Alen Legacy. In Keys To The Repository, there is evidence of a note written from Lawrence Van Alen and addressed to Allegra, confirming the birth of her other child and then asking her to forgive Michael/Charles, that he only did what was asked of him by Lawrence for the sake of the Blue Bloods and in the best interest of the entire coven. Okay, this may seem harsh and people out there may like Bliss (she's not my favorite but at the same time, I have nothing against her) but um ... where they really wrong?! Bliss, though unwillingly, was being used as a real weapon against them. Blue Bloods died because of her existence. Allegra might be pissed off because it was her child but it doesn't change the fact that this child was a threat to the Blue Blood community.

So, um, what is the big secret to reveal in this story now?! Not much as far as I can tell - maybe just why Michael had his own reasons for being so secretive.

Secondly, both Bloody Valentine and Lost in Time left me feeling very weary of Allegra as a character. As far as I can tell, there is nothing special or forthcoming about her relationship with this human man, Bendix Chase. I found his portrayal rather dull, boring, and his character to be just another 'cookie cutter' version of the 'perfect looking guy' with the 'perfect heart on the inside' because he was nothing but an empty story to tell. He felt bland, and their story forced, like there was no other believable way to set Allegra up with a Red Blood for an interesting storyline. While I read his first introduction in Bloody Valentine, I found it all rather 'eye-roll' worthy to be honest and then his reappearance in this book did little to change my reaction. I know Charles has done some questionable things; however, in the end, I don't think it can be denied that he genuinely loves his bondmate. He's been misguided at times, and in the end it cost him her love, but I only ended up feeling more sorry for him rather than her. So, if the author's intention from the start was for me to relate more to Allegra, the story failed miserably. I only found her to be rather selfish in the long run. Not to mention, cowardly. She abandoned her entire coven on a romantic whim, when it was she who vacated her place in heaven in the first place to help bring her people back to salvation. Michael only followed out of his love for her. C'mon, I know she's encountered some real heartache but so have other Blue Bloods. Some of them even lost their bondmates for good, in death. So for her, when things got too tough, she wanted to 'jump ship' and did just that. Running out on Charles, not even having the common decency to let him know she wouldn't bond with him again?! She left him standing at the altar thinking something horrible could have befallen her, how thoughtless! Willing to let her human familiar die just so they could be together?! I don't care if he consented, it was just plain nonsense and unbelievable to me. Then later on, she presumably refuses to take the red blood ever again because of her own broken heart, lapsing into a coma, with no regard for the safety and welfare of her daughter, Schuyler?! Essentially, leaving her alone, defenseless, and unprepared in the world?! Yeah, wow, great mother figure. It's not like she allowed herself to lapse into the coma to save someone's life, there is nothing noble, nor admirable, nor sympathetic to me about what she did there.

To be honest, I find Michael and Gabrielle's love story to be steeped in all the romantic tragedy, not Allegra and Ben's. Charles and Allegra have the history, they are the Uncorrupted, the archangels of the light, they've fought the battles together, they've been deceived, their pure love for one another has been tested, it's been used and tainted against the other, yet she continues to ping pong back and forth with her feelings in this book and I'm supposed to buy that her "love story" with this 'Yes Man' human in just one lifetime is supposed to rival her past feelings for her bondmate of heaven?! Yeah, right, give me a break. The idea was laughable to me, I don't care what mistakes or misguided acts of 'love' Charles/Michael engaged in, past or present. I read nothing special about Bendix Chase.

Honestly, to put it quite frankly, I really don't see the point of Schuyler Van Alen having a human father at all. What is the point of her being half human anyway when her destiny has always been irrovocably tied into that of the Blue Bloods, bringing them to their salvation?! I mean, in this book, we have Sky essentially figuring out that she is the new gatekeeper and she's also supposed to be the Key of the Twins, and that this key is actually Michael and Gabrielle's (Charles & Allegra) - yet, how the heck is that even possible if she is the daughter of a red blood?! Totally confusing plot point right there. If it's not revealed soon that Charles is somehow her real father, that is totally screwy, it really is.

Speaking of which - I was disappointed by the diluation of Schuyler's role in this war. While it was interesting to read about Schuyler trying to uncover the gatekeepers and learning that the Gate of Promise is essentially two paths, it felt to me like this 'heroine' became muddied down in the cliche of a female being involved mostly in a romantic relationship. In this book, it felt like her character is mostly all about Jack and about how everything they do leads to them or what it will just mean for them. I used to at least be able to stomach their scenes because of the action that was constantly surrounding them or the storyline leading to somewhere significant: a new revelation that made some sense. She's basically written off as Jack's 'play thing' in this book - his 'mistress wife', and nothing more, while Mimi and other characters like Deming and the Lennox brothers take center stage in this war. They completely disregard her when there was supposed to be this important prophecy fortelling of her being their salvation. Gabrielle's daughter would bring them to salvation. I guess all she's required to do is find a gate and open it, then?! I mean, what the hell?!

Which brings us to Mimi and Oliver and their roadtrip to hell. Honestly? While I found some of the descriptions interesting to read at times, there were other times I found it extremely weird accompanied by a 'wtf' reaction. So in the end, I could care less about it. Seriously, it got boring and it's sole purpose was once again, completely self-centered for Mimi and about the means to an end for a romantic relationship. Now, keep in mind, I love Kingsley as an individual character, but nothing about this trip to hell contributed anything to the bigger picture of the entire story or the war the Blue Bloods are currently involved in. I'm sorry, it was just ridiculous. Mimi loves Kingsley, whatever, another one willing to break a centries old bond. Yet, she still wants to kill her bondmate, okay, not that I care. Truth be told, a small hidden part of me hoped Jack would get it, would die, so I didn't have to endure anymore sickening Jack/Sky scenes saturated with ... 'My love, my darling, my bane of my existence' mumbo jumbo for the reminder of this series. Can you blame me if I actually wanted to see a kick ass Sky get her brain back into gear, in order to show what she's really made of, and to help fight this war to save their people? But I wasn't stupid, I knew the author wouldn't do it! *bawls*

And what's up with the constant interchanging of terminology in this book?! One minute, Silver Bloods (Croaton) and demons are one in the same and then the next minute, Silver Bloods and demons are different creatures in the Underworld?! Supposedly, Sky was supposed to be the only half-blood in existence but now we have Nephilium running around?! Why does the book portray it like Schuyler is something different when she really isn't?! Deming made some speech about how she mistook Sky for one because of her blood, it came across like theirs. A Nephilium is the offspring between a human and an angel. In this story, they're fallen angels (Blue bloods & Silver bloods) but same difference. And I thought Blue Bloods couldn't procreate, so why are Silver Bloods suddenly able to do it and have Nephilium children?! I know Gabrielle is the exception somehow, and Lucifer, but Silver Bloods are Blue bloods, they're just Blue bloods who went 'bad' and stayed loyal to Lucifer after the fall from heaven. Their blood is only silver because they feed on their own kind, the blue bloods. So, I'm not understanding all these contradictions that both this book, and Misguided Angel, introduced. It was already confusing to begin with.

Before, Forysth Lwellyn was revealed as a Blue Blood traitor and now suddenly in this book, he was a Silver Blood all along? I'm not even going to begin to disect all the plot holes this opens up for me from previous books, it'll give me a headache just writing it all down. I can see him upstaging Michael, the great uncorrupted archangel, and pulling the wool over his eyes so to speak as a Blue Blood traitor but for a full blown silver blood to have been so close to him in all these lives and for him to not have a clue, not sense it, really makes poor Michael look like a moron. I just can't buy into it. Gabrielle too, since they were notorious for hunting them down when they once roamed freely upon the earth.

So, Allegra got married by a justice of the peace at the estate of her human beloved instead of in the sanctity of a church like Mimi had originally cracked about in an earlier book?! Okay. *moves eyes from side to side*

The deal: Okay, what's with this deal being made between Lucifer with Jack & Mimi?! I can't seriously believe the selfishness here - they have agreed to hand over their 'souls' until Lucifer sees fit in this war, all so they can break their bond and be with who they want to be with?! Selfish Much! I'm appalled, I really am, they've essentially agreed to reclaim their postion by Lucifer's side and go up against their fellow Blue Bloods all so they can have Kingsley and Schuyler?! My gosh, these idiots! There might not be a life left to live if the Silver Bloods win the war, what kind of life would that be for any of them?! Why should Lucifer even keep his word after he gets what he wants from them, did they even bother to think about that before 'tra-la-la-ing' off to the neverland of hell. I guess Lawrence was right to question the loyalty of the twins and to ask Charles why he had awoken them into this lifetime. Big mistake, Charles. And if Jack really wanted to be selfless, help his people, and save Sky at the same time, he would leave Sky alone, and renew the bond he has to Mimi so Sky wouldn't continue to get sick and they can fight this war together with their combined strength. Give me a break, there was another way besides this selfish route they've gone.

I gave this Book two stars, meaning just okay, only because I'm holding onto a little bit of faith, hope, whatever - that the final book will bring closure to alot of these questions I have about plot and characters. Also, because I was curious about Charles and Allegra's separation, I can't say the book was a total waste. However, with that said, the book did feel mostly like filler. We really didn't get anything new, no good closure on any open plot points, and the book felt like it was mostly about stupid broken bonds (no, I don't think the bonds themselves are stupid, just the stupid storyline justifications for breaking them).
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Tanya Pickles ( Motif ) Thanks for this honest review because I really wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with these series and I just finished book 2.

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