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Dear John by Nicholas Sparks
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Jun 14, 2012

really liked it

The novel Dear john by Nicholas Sparks is a love story about two strangers who meet at the same vacation spot they resort to every summer. It also tells a story of the man with an autistic father trying to overcome the obstacles of gaining a new father-som bond that they have so long been missing. It is one of the best love stories i have ever read.

Dear John is a love story about when two people John, and Katie who meet eachother at the beach, and are instantly attracted to eachoter. They make arrangements to see eachother again and from then on they hit it off. John is a soldier in the army, and Katie is a student whom they both are on break and they need to return in only a matter of time. The two young love birds instantly fall for eachother, every new day learning something more about one another. Kate meets John's only family member, his father, who had autism and every day is a new challenge for him. When the day comes that John and Kate must depart eachother for a period of time they promise one another that they will write letters to one another almost everyday. After a long period of time from being away from eachother Kate finds somebody else, and replaces John without even telling him. Kate marries her sick and dying neighbor, not out o love, but out of pitty. John comes back finds out and is furious and betrayed. The truth is revealed and Kate only married this man because he was critically ill and she felt bad. John still loves her but it is time for him to go back to his army, and leaves Kate. once her husband dies she begins to write to back to John, but he is still betrayed. On top of this John's dad dies in the hospital from a heart attack and now he really has been left alone. Once John leaves Kate starts to write letters but John ignores them all and throws it away. The book ends by 2 years after the couples encounter, they see eachother at a local cafe and being to talk.

This book was amazing! I am in love with romantic books such as this one, and i really enjoyed reading it. I loved how all of the mini stories and tales inside this book, all combined into one great one. Nicholas Sparks is a great romantic novelist and many of his movies have been made into movies such as this one.

If you are into mushy, and gushy love stories such as this one than this book is certainly for you. There are many intricit details about their love, and i highly reccomend this to female teenagers because of allthe sensitivity and teenage girls love this kind of stuff. I didnt find this book hard to read, but getting through the tears on my book pages was a little dificult because of how sad and cute this story it!

This is just one of Nicholas Spark's amazing romantic novels that he has written and it is one of my favorite romantic books i have ever read. If you want to cry and laugh and have many emotions while reading a story i suggest you go for this one and while your at it watch the movie! I loved this book!

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David Ambrose You've earned an A+ on this one. Good job.

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