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Congo by Michael Crichton
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Jun 14, 2012

it was ok


A research team heads to Zaire in 1979 in search of diamond superconductors. They discover an ancient ruin guarded by unknown terrors. Crichton, as usual, chooses an interesting premise for this novel, exploring the boundary between human and animal in the context of a thriller. Well, the theme recurs at least, but Congo deals with it in the dullest way possible.

The scientist Peter Elliot's relationship with Amy, his pet ape, is well described, and it's one of the few interesting parts of this novel. Also, Crichton is consistently good at writing an action scene.

Beware, this novel contains:
*Magical computers that can predict the future using statistical models... in 1979.
*Clunky exposition (O btw, back in 1956, a primatologist discovered...)
Volcano eruption + Communication-disrupting solar flare + Gorillapocalypse...all unrelated, all converging on one research team at the exact same instant (You gotta admire the guy's boldness, right?).

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