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5 Bodies to Die For by Stephanie Bond
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Jun 14, 2012

really liked it

Finally, the "Body Movers" series is hitting its stride. Though I still can't claim to love this series, I'm not disliking it as much...even though I'm still frustrated and hate the direction it's going. Sounds weird, I know. Maybe I'm becoming a masochist. At any rate, I'll be going to the library for book six.

A number of things need to happen in order for me to not kick myself for wasting my time. (The bad thing is I have no idea if or when this will happen...Stephanie Bond sounds like a politician when asked how many books will be in this series. All she'll say is that book seven will be released in late 2012. This leads me to believe that she doesn't have a plan...and that makes me nervous.)

1) First and foremost, Coop must be acquitted of being the Charmed Killer. I absolutely hate that he's been arrested. (And if it turns out he really is the killer, I'll go back and give all these books one star. Aargh!!!) Minus ten points.

2) Randolph must man-up and face not only Carlotta and Wesley but also the police. Though in my opinion he could never make amends, he must beg and grovel for me to have one ounce of respect for him.

3) Carlotta must woman-up and kick Peter to the curb. There's just something very namby-pamby about him that grates on me. Maybe because he didn't stand by Carlotta when she needed him the most. Maybe because he married another woman not out of love but because it was socially correct. Maybe because he continues to live in the huge, sterile, lonely house that his wife was murdered in. Maybe because he continues to associate with shallow people who shun Carlotta.

4) Wesley must kick his drug and gambling habits, complete his community service and go to college.

5) Michael Lane must be caught and put behind bars.

6) Jack must conquer his commitment phobia OR Carlotta must realize that Coop is the one for her. Either outcome will satisfy me...Though if Carlotta ends up with Jack, Coop must find a good woman to love. (At this point -- despite the fact that it looks like Coop is a mass murderer, which I don't believe for a second -- wishy-washy Carlotta isn't good enough for Coop and must get her act together.)

So, I'll keep reading and pulling my hair out...But there'd better be a payoff!!!
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