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Redshirts by John Scalzi
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Jun 14, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: adult-fiction, young-adult
Read in July, 2012

DEE - lightful. Like Galaxy Quest for grown-ups. Actually, Galaxy Quest was like Galaxy Quest for grown-ups... so this is like a whole book that expands on the moment in Galaxy Quest when Sigourney Weaver, surveying "the chompers" which for some reason stand between our heroes and the manual override, loses her shit. "Well, forget it! I'm not doing it! This episode was BADLY WRITTEN!"

The ensigns and other junior crewmen on the starship Intrepid, shell-shocked and squirrelly after seeing so many of their mates picked off on away missions by ice sharks, Borgovian land worms, and (inexplicably) armed cargo carts, have developed complicated little dances and rationales to keep from being selected for hazardous duty, or, once selected, to survive. (Here's a hint: if you're going to attempt grossly impossibly science, bring a prominent cast member along. We just saw Battleship this weekend and I am here to tell you - Chief Petty Officer Lynch would have drowned about a hundred times in that movie if he hadn't been in a Zodiac with Taylor Kitsch.) It's like they're living in a haunted house.

It is up to new crewmembers Dahl, Duvall, Hanson, Hester, and Finn - in addition to the freaky hermit living in the walls - to figure out what is really happening, and to put a stop to it.

And you know what? It's a lot like Cabin in the Woods, except a whole damn lot more funnier.

Skip the three codas, though. Redshirts manages to be outrageously clever and blindingly meta without being self-congratulatory or smug... right up until those postscripts.

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