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The Guardian by Marliss Melton
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Jun 14, 2012

really liked it
Read from July 20 to 21, 2012

JacksonMaddox Special Agent Jackson Maddox is undercover at a reintegration program for ex-cons called Gateway. All the parolee's at Gateway had to convert to Islam and change their names to an Islamic names. It claims to have a high success rate on the ex-cons going on to living a crime free life and getting good respectable jobs. The taskforce that Jackson works for has reason to believe that Gateway is training terrorists and funding terrorism activity overseas.

Lena Alexandra is a journalist for a crime magazine who sister was murdered by a police officer some 15 years before but due to the witness disappearing he got off on that crime but was arrested later for drug trafficking. He is now part of the Gateway program and she is there undercover herself to see if she can get him to confess to the murder.

Marliss at the beginning of the book in a foreward explains that there are racial and religious elements in the book that may make some uncomfortable. I applaud her for saying what she had to say and to also point out that even though these situations do exist in the real world that this book was a work of fiction.

Jackson through out all of his time serving his country and being part of the task force is still a man with conscience. That conscience was a very attractive trait, it's what I feel attracted Lana to him right off the bat even though they were both lying to the other about who they were. Lana in the beginning was on a sole mission to get the killer of her sister no matter the cost. As the story went along she finally got to see what its like being on the other side of a journalist exposing a story at the sake of a story and comes to see things in a different light.

This wasnt always an easy story to read but but it was none the less well written in my opinion and I loved the romance between Jackson and Lana.

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