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Triggers by Robert J. Sawyer
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Jun 14, 2012

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Read in June, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I have read and loved every book by Robert, however this one was a big let down.

Firstly a comment about the edition I bought, the Kindle version. There was very little separation between the character plot lines making it tricky to know when one story ended and the next began. With the way the publishers are ramping up the price of eBooks I would have expected better. Also with the Kindle version there are no page numbers provided, while that is minor it is something I would expect to be there.

Now onto the actual story... The beginning I didn't care for much and found it a little confusing the way it jumped around. That is probably more to do with the above mentioned formatting than anything else. Once the story actually starts to get going in the middle I really enjoyed it and was drawn into the lives of some of the main characters, especially Jan and Eric.

I was extremely disappointed with the way the story is ended. (spoiler time) the transference of mind reading "powers" by touch kind of goes against the physics of bonding used to explain it in the first place. Also the whole world getting this power and a new utopia being created smacks of a cop out and lack of any thoughts on how to end the story. I am not against the kumbaya storyline when it adds to it, but not because there is nothing better. I don't see any reason why the story really needed an ending at all. Yes it would be cruel to leave us hanging, but it would have been more true to the rest of the story and allow us to fill in the blanks as we choose. Or have the whole ring fall apart and dissolve.

This is by no means going to change my very high opinion of the author and I eagerly await his next offering, and look forward to the TV release of the WWW series.

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