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Foundling by D.M. Cornish
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Jun 20, 2012

it was amazing
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Imagine living in a world, where pirates are called vinegaroons because the colored seas smell like vinegar. Imagine living in a world that’s inhabited by monsters, where every day can become a fight for survival. And now, imagine the hero of the story in this world has a girl’s name, is lame at stick –fighting and making knots but good with letters and math. Meet Rossamünd Bookchild, who is, like all the other book children, a foundling.
Now, I could mope why all the good heroes grow up parent-less, but I don’t. In fact, the book was so addicting that I hardly had time to mope at all. It’s not the best ebook though, due to the 120 pages of glossary at the end, that the reader might need to fully understand this strange new world in which Rossamünd lives. But even without reading them, I found the story very enjoyable.
It is listed among the steampunk books, but since the ships of traders and vinegaroons are not moved by engines but by giant bred muscles that have to be fed, I assume this belongs to the rare sub-genre of biopunk? I’m not sure. What I’m sure of is that I found this story awesome as hell, even though Rossamünd is a bit stupid every now and then, willing to trust some people too early, but he was raised in a foundlingery after all, and the kids didn’t get out much so it’s excusable.
The first book of the Monster Blood Tattoo novels is mainly an adventure story about a boy who just wants to get from one place to the other so he can start his career as a lamp lighter, but who gets lost along the way. And a dangerous way it is. So, the readers learn more about Rossamund's world as Rossamünd learns more about his world and finds out that it’s not quite as he expected it to be.
The smart reader will recognize some subtle hints that rise speculations… so I’ve got something to do until I start with the second book. (Already bought it.)
But what really got me hooked was the Alchemy (the Körnchenflecter is quite close to the real deal), the names and the pictures. Lovely drawn images of the people and monsters that Rossamünd meets during his journey (my favorites being the postman Fouracres, Europe and Freckle)! And the names, well, usually I’m a bit picky when it comes to fancy names, but here I rather liked it because some seemed dutch, some seemed German (the name for a special kind of monster was Kraulschwimmen, which made me laugh so hard), and well, odd names for an odd world, right?
Another thing that’s really nice and very steampunk is this – you don’t get power for nothing. Among the society of the world there is a special group of people called lahzars, able to fight with electricity (fulgars) or your mind (the wits). They’re mighty monster-hunters, or "teratologists", but in order to get that super nice superhero abilities you need to find a surgeon who cuts you open and puts some weird organs inside your body. Which means that you need to drink a few nasty concoctions every day to keep your guts from going sour and still live with the risk of having dangerous spasms… honestly, this is so cool.

I guess this is now the right time to confess that I’m a sedorner. A monster-lover. For those who have not yet read the book; it’s the worst insult, given to those who show sympathy for the monsters, but liking some of these guys is… inevitable.
And Rossamünd, though he seems not much at the beginning of the book, is a nice little guy with a heart too kind who has yet to find his strength, and he’s a bit strange which makes me like him even more. I will definitely read books two and three.
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