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Exiled by J.R. Wagner
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Jun 13, 12

Exiled is an exciting adventure which takes place within the realm of The Never as well as the everyday world. James, a young sorcerer destined to become the Anointed One, is forced to live a life on the run, as his parents do everything they can to protect him.

A twist of fate sees James being banished to The Never, a magical realm created for those found guilty of various crimes. He wakes up to find he no longer has his powers, and he struggles with the new, strange world he finds himself in. But James soon meets up with others who have been sent to The Never, and that is when the adventure really begins. Along with his new friends, he goes in search of a way back to the normal world. Their explorations lead to a number of interesting discoveries, as James' destiny as the Anointed One begins to take shape.

This book was an exciting read. What I loved most of all was the world building, especially when it came to The Never. Wagner's descriptions made it feel like I was actually there, exploring this strange land for myself. I loved the idea of the fire plants. They were a tiny detail in the book but the imagination that brought them to life left me in awe. I love stories set in fictional worlds, because I am fascinated by their creation and what it must take to think of such things. It's sheer brilliance!!

Throughout the book the timeline changes. It goes from the present to the past and then back again. Although I enjoyed reading about the occurences that led up to James' current situation, I would have preferred them to run in chronological order, because at times it got a bit confusing. Having said that, it didn't take away from the overall pleasure of reading this book, and believe it had a lot to do with the easy flow of the story.

The ending is a definate cliffhanger. I got to the last page and I wanted to scream. I wasn't sure if I should be mad that I was left hanging, or if I should be excited by the cleverness of it all. I need the second book, and I need it now!

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message 1: by Judith (new)

Judith Post Neat review. Loved your reactions, especially to the ending.

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