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Sins of the Night by Sherrilyn Kenyon
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Jun 14, 12

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Read from June 13 to 14, 2012

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message 1: by AJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

AJ 8 more books until Ash!!!

Maria LOL.... Slowly but Surely I will get there!! At the pace were going maybe will get to it at the same time and we can Buddy Read it!!

message 3: by AJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

AJ It's a date!! I'm only on book 4 so you're going to have to squeeze some other books in there, but I'd love to do a Buddy Read! We can get all swoony together.

Maria I'll definitely squeeze other books in there, at $8 a pop I have to break it up with some Bargain Books!! I can't wait to read his book it's really long too!!

Maria I know your like a million miles away from me, but I love that you are always on here when I am. When I'm on in the morning your on at night and vice versa.... Love It!!

message 6: by AJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

AJ Well I'm actually at work at the moment, and really shouldn't be on here, but there you have it! I'm obsessed, what can I say? And it helps that we're all addicted and often online until the wee hours of the morning!

I bought the Dark Hunter books in paperback from Book Depository because they were cheaper than ebooks - that's crazy!

Maria I'm in Insomniac so I'm always up till about 2am, my husband is always like I don't know how you function on such little sleep!! Lots to do and so little time especially with the kids, when 8pm hits it's Mommy time all the way!!

Aestas Book Blog Woohoo!! You are reading it! :)

message 9: by AJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

AJ I LOVE Mummy time!!! It's around 8pm for me as well. Although we were almost late to school this morning because I made the oh-so-stupid decision to check out Goodreads before we left. There were multiple conversations going on, and I couldn't get away!!!!

Maria Oh yeah I'm reading it, Alexion and Danger are just getting Aquainted they all ready want a piece of each other!!! LOL;)

Maria Hahahahahahahahahaha I swear every morning we are working on 10 minutes to get it all together and then rushing out the door!! Tomorrow is the last day of school and it's only a half day so tomorrow the Crazyness Begins, brothers fighting 80% of the time 20% getting along!!

message 12: by AJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

AJ I know, I don't understand it! Whether I get up at 6 or 7, we are always racing out the door in a huge rush. That's why Mummy time is so important I guess. It helps to calm us down and is something completely non-child related. YAY!

Will you be able to get much reading in over the school holidays?

Maria Yes, usually we are out in the backyard I sit under the umbrella while those two do whatever they do best, plus we go up north to our cabin and that's all I do up there!!

message 14: by AJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

AJ How old are your kids again? Mine are 5 and still pretty demanding so I don't get much reading done while they are up - unless I let them play computer games, then I get a bit of peace.

I bought them a wii for their birthday which is actually a bit selfish, because that will give me some free time as well. Hehehe... sneaky!

Maria 8 and 4 and mine are both Game Junkies they have a Wii and both have 3DS's, but during the summer I make them go out or they will sit and waste the day away in front of the TV, my older boy is also really into reading so he gets me!! LOL;)

message 16: by AJ (new) - rated it 4 stars

AJ Well we're in winter at the moment and I can't send mine outside so if I want any peace at all it's game central at my place! I try to limit it though otherwise, like yours, they'd never get off the couch!

I probably shouldn't make comment though, because if I had my way I'd never get off the couch either! My daughter's a reader too, so in a few years I'm sure she'll be right there with me!

Maria I'm the same way I would live on the couch with my iPad and if it's nice out I live in my adirondack chair getting my read on!!

Aestas Book Blog woohoo!! The next book is one of my favs!! hint hint :P

Maria Hahahahaha!! I'm gonna read SnapShot and then I'm gonna pick up book 8 right after!!! I loved Danger and Alexion I was Happy they got there HEA!!

Aestas Book Blog Yeah - it was a cool twist :) and Wren's story was awesome! You'll have to let me know is the SnapShot book is good too

message 21: by Tom (new)

Tom Not sure if you are an ereader. My library has an awesome selection of ebooks. sometimes you have to wait but I usually have 5 or 6 in books in que and then when they come up helps dictate my TBR anyway. :) If you haven't looked into it you should mine has most of this series.

Maria I'll keep you posted on SnapShot, and the last time I was at the library they said they were hoping to have the ereader library set up by the end
of the summer so that will be cool!! I can't wait to read Wren's story;)

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