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Bumped by Megan McCafferty
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Jun 13, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on June 13, 2012

I honestly cannot even deal with this book. All the stars. All of them.

At the beginning, I was apprehensive. I'm a huge fan of Megan McCafferty after the Jessica Darling series, but the premise of this book was so much different that I wouldn't have been hugely disappointed if it sucked. It was a little hard to get into for the first few chapters because instead of having a few boring opening chapters to explain the culture of her setting, McCafferty just launches you into it-- jargon and all, so that you have to catch on through context.

But before you even realize that you get it, you are warped into an entirely different world. In the year 2025, a virus is discovered that makes 75% of the population of women lose all ability to procreate after about age 18, prompting a huge necessity for young girls to have children-- both for population control and so that married families can have children of their own. Enter Harmony and Melody-- two twin sisters, separated at birth and raised as differently as you can imagine. Melody is considered a "pro". She has contracted her uterus out to some lucky family for a huge price based on her superb genes. Harmony, on the other hand, was raised a Bible-thumper, meant to marry young and start a family with a husband of her church's choosing and she considers it her mission in life to save Melody from her sinful ways-- until she gets a taste of what it's like on the other side.

The beginning of this novel was so tense that it was positively stressful for me. I was so aggravated and emotionally invested in what was going on that I couldn't read fast enough because I needed the situation to resolve itself before I screamed. The relationships between characters in the book are so effortless and easy to get sucked into. Possible, easy conclusions played out in my head of how all the loose ends in the book could get wrapped up nicely, as they would with a worse author, but then McCafferty would drop another bomb and I'd be left floundering again, wondering how it could possibly all work out.

And THEN everything flattens out again. I'm nearing the last few pages of the book and everything is leaning towards the easy out. I can see the pieces coalescing and I'm getting a little letdown that a book that started out so great is petering out so ordinarily at the end. And then she shocks me AGAIN.

And then the book ends.

Oh, thank god the sequel is already out because man, I am all over that. Megan McCafferty may have just made her way to my list of favorite authors. I have not read something so truly fantastic in way too long.

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