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Bane by Trish Milburn
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Jul 11, 12

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Read on July 08, 2012

The review
Bane is a really good continuation of White Witch. We pick up where we left of with Jax and Egan heading to Salem to try and find answers on how to stop the dark covens once and for all. They leave behind Keller and Toni believing that involving them any further would put them in unnecessary danger. Once in Salem the research begins and because they have trouble finding any clues they bring themselves to the attention of an overly helpful librarian who seems a little too interested in Jaxs’ project and also a young man who seems to know more than he’s letting on for the amount of questions he’s asking. She also gets the feeling that she is being watched by someone or something and when a couple of missing people arrive on her doorstep the dangerous position she is in becomes more apparent which is not what she needs when she is struggling with a growing darkness within her that’s been troubling her since the events of ‘shiprock’. Will she ever get the answers she seeks? Will she ever control the growing darkness in her? And just who can she trust when the enemies are on her tail?
I really enjoyed Bane, as I said it is a really good continuation but also had a different feel too. This was jam packed with information and Jax & Egan learned a lot in this book. I liked learning all of the history as we begin to realise just how selective the dark covens have been with their history and using it for their own purposes. They also uncover things that were once hidden and have remained so since the Salem Witch Trials and added a little extra mystery to the story and introduced new characters, I’m not saying whether the new characters and discoveries are going to benefit the ‘good guys’ – that remains to be seen - but it gives us hope that ‘team Jax’ may get some new members because let’s face it, she needs someone on her side. I liked how Jax showed a different side to her in this as she struggles with the growing ‘darkness’ inside of her, she wavers between darkness and light and it showed her as vulnerable and I loved what Keller could do for her. I think this will be a continuing effort for her throughout the series but it humanises her in a way and makes you empathise with her struggle. The pacing was good and you always feel like something is going to happen, whether it’s from the coven, the Hunters or some unknown factor crawling out of the woodwork so I was on the edge of my seat for most of it but when the end showdown came it was kind of abrupt. Never the less though – it was a good book, It had a more serious feel to it whereas book one was more fun loving and romantic but I think that’s because the events of book one left all the characters in no doubt as to what is at stake and it shows. I enjoyed all of the characters old & new, I liked the new developments, the Salem history and setting, the little bit of romance which lifts the feel of it and another cliff hanger ending that has left me really eager for the next book, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. 4*s

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