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Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
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Jun 13, 12

Read in June, 2012

** spoiler alert ** This started out as a five star book & devolved a bit. I'm going to spoil everything, so Kelly, don't read this yet.

So the beginning section of this book? Boy Loses Girl? Is a flat-out masterpiece. It's told from two perspectives. One is husband Nick, starting on the day that his wife Amy goes missing, filled with creepy tidbits that lead you to believe that he killed her. The ending of the chapter where he's just found out that Amy's missing & has met with the cops at their ransacked house, from out of nowhere he says, "It was my fifth lie to the police. I was just starting." Later he muses, "I feel my father's rage rise up in me in the ugliest way. Amy could tell you about that. She would definitely tell you, if she were here." Yikes! Then there's Amy's diary, a few entries about when she& Nick met & fell in love & many more about the ways their relationship is falling apart. Amy's diary is like an epistolary car wreck - it was excruciating, but I could not bear to look away. Full of passive aggression, justification of Nick's terrible behavior - he doesn't show up to a girl's night + husbands, or even call, but by the time Amy gets home she has spun it to mean that she's such a good wife that she refuses to make her husband behave like "pathetic dancing monkey" by actually expecting him to hold to plans they've made together. Watching her marriage fall apart & seeing her react in the worst way ever pained me. Her diary makes Nick out to be a gigantic asshole, but hey, if you want to stay married to the guy, stop being such a doormat. She’s such a pitiful specimen of girl, you can’t help but feel sorry for her, especially in light of Nick’s flashbacks (?) to her crawling on the floor with her head dented in & blood everywhere.

Second section Boy Meets Girl is where it all starts spinning out of control. It turns out Amy is still alive. She's faked her diary & her death, she's actually trying to frame Nick because she hates him, and her plan is succeeding because she's a brilliant mastermind. The mistakes she makes as she's on the run sort of obscure this brilliance, however; why befriend shady Greta & Jeff & basically allow them to rob you? Did you honestly think that Desi was going to just give you tons of money & let you walk away? And what on earth was supposed to happen after he did give you the money? She has a wonderful soliloquy about being the Cool Girl in a relationship that I absolutely love, but things turn increasingly campy. By the time she’s back with Nick & he’s working with the police to try to prove how she’s a killer and she tells him she’s pregnant to keep him from turning on her, I was laughing out loud. Perhaps this is all for the best. The beginning was so dark, maybe there was no way this book could’ve sustained that without collapsing in on itself. And even for all its melodrama, the end is still pretty interesting stuff.
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Kelly haha thanks for warning me! sorry it devolved. still excited to read! only 200 pages to go on american gods...

Melissa You can do it! 200 pages is EASY!

Gone Girl did devolve, but it was still pretty spectacular. Worth ignoring my poor family for the day.

Clawde I was so excited to read this that I actually bought the hard copy. I was disappointed.

Melissa Clawde wrote: "I was so excited to read this that I actually bought the hard copy. I was disappointed."

Oh no, that's a drag. What did you not like about it?

Clawde Hard for me to put in words. I think it went downhill having to read Amy's diary making me believe Nick was suspicious only to reveal Amy as the villain. I guess it had too many ups and downs, back and forth, this one that one! Gave me whiplash.
I have known people who actually posess some of Amy's traits but I just found the whole story lacking believability.
Too bad for me since I loved Sharp Objects and Dark Places, maybe my expectations were too high.

Kelly I hope you like my one sentence esoteric review that makes only me laugh

Melissa Clawde wrote: "Hard for me to put in words. I think it went downhill having to read Amy's diary making me believe Nick was suspicious only to reveal Amy as the villain. I guess it had too many ups and downs, ba..."

I did dislike that her diary was a fake. It seemed so real to me, since I've known a lot of women who take comfort in that "I'm so cool" mentality that lets guys just walk all over them.

Kelly, I do like your one sentence esoteric review that makes only you laugh! How DELIGHTFUL!

Susie I kept finding holes in Amy's 'master plan'. When they first interviewed Desi, wouldn't they have checked for an alibi just in case before they cleared him? (or did I miss that?).. And when Boney did figure it out, couldn't they have proved that the diary wasn't manufactured 7 years ago? I thought the guy from the casino where she met Desi would have come forward.. Or the tapes from there.

I still really liked the book, but things kept popping out at me.

Melissa Yes! What happened to that guy from the casino? I forgot all about him! It seems like he was added just to amp the tension & then he vanished.

message 3: by Mp (new) - rated it 4 stars

Mp Just finished the book. Liked it a lot - different. Will certainly look at all those news stories about husbands killing wives a little differently! I agree it devolved a little and I'm not so sure I like the ending but I disagree with some of the comments about Amy. The thing about people like her - they think other people are stupid and there-in lies their flaw. Their crazy + ego personalities blinds them to the fact that there are people that can see right through them so they don't factor that into the equation. All in all a good psychological read.

message 2: by rachel (last edited Sep 27, 2012 06:02PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

rachel I was coming here to say I'm glad we agreed on this book (in as much as we were both laughing out loud by the end). But...the guy in the casino! I would have liked this book so much more if (view spoiler)

Melissa rachel wrote: "I would have liked this book so much more if "

Yeah, I agree that would've been a great way to do it! Better than, you know, the actual ending. The guy in the casino drives me nuts the more I think about him. I was in a such a fever to get to the end of the book, it was easy to forget about little irritating issues that came up & never got resolved, but the more chance I've had to reflect the more it bugs me. But you were right in your review, she always has some bizarre twist ending that comes from out of left field.

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