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Empty Net by Toni Aleo
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Jun 03, 13

bookshelves: romance-sports, contemporary-romance
Read in September, 2012

3.0 stars. Really wanted to bump this one up to 3.5 stars but just couldn’t do it. From the rave reviews I’m evidently in the minority, I liked the story and love the authors Hero’s but just can’t stand the heroines. Audrey rounds out the line up as #3 of wimpy, whiney, wishy-washy ladies in this series. The Hero in this romance is Tate, a young hockey player from Sweden. He’s so sexy and sweet and thinks the moon rises and sets in Audrey, but she’s torn. Should she go back to the jerk, Levi that uses her for sex who calls her a “fat whore” who she’s so in love with, or possibly make a go with Tate, a guy who treats her special? Hmmmm, decisions, decisions. See what I mean??? Drives me batshit crazy. Now I ask you, what self respecting woman would continue to take text messages/phone calls and go back to a guy who referred to her as a “fat whore”?!?!?!?! I found myself speed reading parts and skipping others during a lot of Audrey’s dialogue as soon as I realized she follows the same pattern as the other heroines. Audrey goes back and forth with Levi while he’s awful to her, insults her and yanks her around all the while she waxes on about her love for him is just plain hard to read, and more than I could stand. Lots of drama here, and again I liked the story and the writing style and was rooting for Tate to find his HEA (I was hoping not with Audrey, but as she’s the main female character that’s just the way this story rolls). I have to admit that I totally disliked Elli in bk 1 (Taking Shots) but as she shows up in bks 2 & 3 after overcoming her whiney ways and stands up for herself/takes charge I like her much better. As with Elli, Fallon from bk 2 (Trying To Score) has now become a stand up girl and has a part in this story. It appears once these leading ladies finally figure out their true love exists in the featured hero, Wa-La….their annoying insecurities are cured.

What did I like about this bk? The good parts of this story included Tate, of course, who is one hot heart melter as well as any scene with Shea (Elli’s hub) who I simply adore as well as Lucas (Fallon’s hubster) and their son Aiden who is written so cute you just want to give the little guy a hugging squeeze. Did miss Grace (Shea’s sister) who didn’t really have a part to play in this bk. A shame since she’s one awesome chick along with her great guy hubby, James, and their 2 sweet kids. TA writes her side characters well and those I do enjoy. Also as a side note this bk had a much better handle on the typos/spelling errors than the first 2 bks.

The series does continue, next up is Piper, Harper’s sister who ends this bk in quite the predicament and the mystery is on as to just who she falls for in bk 4.

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message 1: by Jen (new) - added it

Jen I had some pretty high hopes for this one. I'm still going to give it a shot, but I'm way less excited after reading your review.

message 2: by Ann (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ann I did too. Very frustrating. Let me know how you liked it. Like I mentioned, I'm in the minority if you look at all the 4 and 5 star reviews on Amazon. I just couldn't get there.

message 3: by Mo (new) - rated it 3 stars

Mo it was my least favourite. I absolutely LOVED the other books and was really surprised at how disappointed I was with this one.

message 4: by Ann (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ann Mo - Glad it wasn't just me. She writes a good story with some really great characters. Just not the h's IMO. Hope whatever she's writing next will be a winner.

Blacky *Romance Addict* Great review Ann :)

message 6: by Ann (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ann Blacky *Mistress of doom* wrote: "Great review Ann :)"

Thanks Blacky! :-)

Jessica I totally agree about stupid annoying female leads! I read Taking Shots and now Empty Nets and Ellie and Audrey were both so awful in their insecurities that were just blown way out of proportion! I really liked both stories, and as you said, the supporting characters are good, but euh the lead women are the WORST. That being said, I did give it a 4 (though really 3.5 in my mind), because the story itself kept me going. I do have higher hopes for Piper's story though. She didn't seem nearly as annoying in this book...but we shall see.

message 8: by Ann (new) - rated it 3 stars

Ann Jessica wrote: "I totally agree about stupid annoying female leads! I read Taking Shots and now Empty Nets and Ellie and Audrey were both so awful in their insecurities that were just blown way out of proportion!..."

Jessica - You're right, we can only hope Piper is a decent heroine although the novella out recently had an h that I did like. You should try it.

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