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The Complete Aubrey/Maturin Novels by Patrick O'Brian
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Reading Progress

10/07/2008 page 883
10/07/2008 page 883
13.43% "(Which is to say, just starting rereading _H.M.S. Surprise_ again."
10/07/2008 page 1072
16.3% "So devilish hard to stop reading these books."
10/08/2008 page 1103
16.77% "Repetition diminishes neither the joys nor the sorrows of these stories."
10/08/2008 page 1238
18.83% "Done rereading _HMS Surprise_."
10/22/2008 page 1284
19.53% "Rereading _The Mauritius Command_ now."
10/23/2008 page 1321
20.09% "That mumping great villain of a Captain Corbett, to flog our Barret Bonden!"
10/25/2008 page 1415
21.52% "Whether on the topic of sea officers' avarice or rat-excrement-tainted coffee, O'Brian has me in stitches."
10/31/2008 page 1565
23.8% "Finished rereading _The Mauritius Command_. Huzzay!"
11/15/2008 page 1597
24.29% "I'm rereading _Desolation Island_, my adored and terrifying _Desolation Island_! Oh, such adventures! Such horrors! Such poor investments!"
11/16/2008 page 1791
27.24% "How many times have I read this, and I still was riveted by Chapter 7. It made me cry AGAIN."
11/17/2008 page 1877
28.54% "Done rereading _Desolation Island_."
12/11/2008 "Rereading _The Fortune of War_ now."
12/14/2008 page 2299
34.96% "I meant only to reread _Fortune of War_, but forgot myself and surged on into _Surgeon's Mate_."
12/17/2008 page 2553
38.82% "Finished rereading _The Surgeon's Mate_."
04/08/2009 page 2604
39.6% "Rereading the _Ionian Mission_."
04/13/2009 page 2909
44.24% "Finished rereading _The Ionian Mission_."
05/03/2009 page 3261
49.59% "I should have had done at _Treason's Harbour_ & paused my rereading again, but I couldn't resist _Far Side of the World_."
05/09/2009 "Finished rereading _Far Side of the World_. Have, with difficulty, refrained from starting _Reverse of the Medal_."
09/06/2009 page 3832
58.27% "_The Reverse of the Medal_ has one of the most dramatic moments, a moment of such unexpected grace."
09/07/2009 page 3921
59.63% "Carrying on with _The Letter of Marque_."
09/14/2009 page 4139
62.94% "Done rereading _The Letter of Marque_ and thereby Volume III."
09/20/2009 page 4365
66.38% "Yeah, I have a very hard time stopping reading these books."
09/22/2009 page 4464
67.88% "Finished rereading _Thirteen-Gun Salute_. Trying to stop for a bit. Trying...walk away from the book..."
05/23/2010 page 5429
82.56% "Rereading _The Commodore_. The story in Chap. 1 of Aubrey and Dundas's childhood duel is adorable."
05/28/2010 page 5665
86.15% "Finished rereading the Commodore: pottos and poteen, for all love."
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