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Goblin War by Jim C. Hines
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Oct 07, 08

One thing I enjoyed about this series is that each new adventure is a result of what happened in the first one. Hero resulted because the dragon's hoard is no longer there and the pixies get through. War comes about [ostensibly] because King Wendel wants to put an end to the "monster" menace, and of course revenge his sons on the Dragonslayer. The monster army careens toward the humans and disaster appears inevitable. Of course there is another reason for the war that involves Tymalous.

Jig appears to grow into his leadership role in this one. You learn much more about Tymalous Shadowstar/Autumnstar and the Forgotten Gods. Again Hines takes a disagreeable character, Genevieve in this case, and helps her to become more than she was. Strangely, Relka, another main character, does not really change and remains [to me at least] a bit icky. Yeah, I know, real descriptive.

I got a good laugh at how things end up. Poor Jig, taxes and levies! My only quibble was about the ambiguity of the fate of Shadowstar. I would have preferred some more certainty.

These books are not going to win Jim Hines a Nobel prize in literature, but then again, I wouldn't read literature if they gave me the books for nothing. I will, however, pay for the privilege of reading Jim Hines' books.

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