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The Recruit by Robert Muchamore
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Jun 12, 2012

really liked it

The Recruit by Robert Muchamore, is a surprising start, too a very controversial sereis. Controversial, is a very good word to describe the CHERUB series. I mean the idea, of using kids as spys in real life would be looked down very hard by others, and is something that I don't think would be accepted. But Robert decides, to make a series out of this concept, and my oh my does he succeed. The Recruit, is an exciting and fast paced start to this series. I really enjoyed the way it was structured into 3 parts. First was an introduction to James and all the main characters. Then the training and getting used to CHERUB and then a mission.

Firstly, I am really interesting in how Robert, decides who to pick to put into Cherub. It is an interesting concept, as he decides, that in the Cherub Campus, only kids who have a spark to have a fight or are incredibly smart, and who's parents are dead, are mainly picked. Its like a contradiction to what school normally is. If you have a tendency to fight, or if the child who is being assessed to get into the school is very naughty, you would normally not be picked to be in the school. Here Robert has contradicted that, and picked those type of students. I found this to be a very interesting part of Cherub and a key part of the book, as we as readers, love to read something different, and this is quite different. A good example of this, is when James, goes out with a gang, and starts vandalizing cars. James, rather than feeling ashamed of himself, says, " That was so Cool," James laughed.

Secondly, I think in this book, in terms of the mission, it was a bit disappointing. I mean, I enjoyed reading about it but occasionally I found myself wandering off, as I got a bit bored. I don't think that the plot was gripping enough, and that was a bit of a letdown in this book, which is the reason I gave it a 4 star not a 5 star. I mean, reading about a old hippie village, that is suspected of suspicious activities is a nice concept, but they could of easily built upon it, and given James a more action packed role, rather than just constantly casually interrogating villagers about the people there. I wish that right from the start James, found out the action plan, and then most of the mission was him trying to stop it, rather than him finding out, and then a shock of his life happened( spoiler so won't say) and then the book being over. I mean it was quite boring to read about.

Thirdly, I think reading about Basic Training and the relationships he makes is a very good part of the book. It gives us a basic understanding of how hard CHERUB really is. The reason for Basic Training is to tough you up to the limit, for example, when James is late on the first morning, the notorious Mr Large( the training instructor) dishes out a severe punishment. "James would you be sweet enough to stand on one leg." James stood on one leg, trying to keep his balance. Smoke handed Large a metal bucket. Large stuck the bucket over James' head, and then said " The rule is every time you foot touches the floor you get another crack with the baton,"" This is an example of how severe the punishment is, as when his leg touches the floor, the baton bangs against the bucket, and a very loud noise occurs.

At the end you can tell that James' character has changed. " You must of been frightened but you handled yourself tremendously.". This is what was said to him after the mission. It tells us that James has changed. It's always a nice touch at the end of the book, when this kind of thing happens, and it happened within reason, because a lot had happened to him, during the course of this book, so you could tell that Robert hadn't put this in just because he wanted a happy ending, but he wanted to put this in to show how tough life is like a spy.

So read this book, and go in with good expectations, and hopefully you can enjoy most of the parts as much as I did.

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message 1: by Yohan (new)

Yohan Pillai Nice detailed review!
When you said that you almost stopped reading it because it got boring, are you happy with that decision?
Was it worth continuing?

Rohan Jain Yes I did carry on continuing as I wanted to finish it. And it was as it has a very thrilling end!

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