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Wolf Signs by Vivian Arend
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Jun 17, 2012

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"Wolf Signs" had the unique quality for what could have been a truly exceptional read. However, the brevity got in the way of fully developing an amazing story.

Robyn Maxwell will not be deterred from taking her skiing trip to Granite Lake when her brother has to bow out for his job at the last minute. She will not allow him to use her deafness against her as some sort of sign of weakness. She is not weak and she will not be swayed by any of his arguments. So, off she goes.

Robyn is truly impresses by all of the upgrades that have been installed at the cabins: a sauna and a shower, wow! So, she decides that she will take advantage of the sauna. However, when she goes to enter the sauna butt naked and flashes two skiers, she takes out her knife in order to protect herself. Keil and his brother TJ realize that they have frightened the beautiful girl; but when they attempt to explain to her that they mean her no harm she becomes even more agitated. So, Keil leaves her a note under the door and backs off.

When Robyn reads Keil's note she emerges and lets him and his brother know that she misunderstood their intentions. They begin communicating by using tablets and reading lips. Then, Keil discovers something interesting. Not only can he smell Robyn's wolf nature, he also can sense that she is his mate. Now all he has to do is explain all of this to Robyn.

Robyn isn't about to believe all of Keil's clearly deranged ideas but when he and his brother shift into werewolves they now have her attention. Almost immediately, Keil and Robyn get together and start their honeymoon. This is where I had a major problem. It is not often that the herione in a book is deaf and this book posed the perfect opportunity to delve into this world in greater depth. I would have enjoyed it so much better if the author had taken the time to do a little more world building, character development and setting us up for the antagonist. What could have been a spectacular read turned into an okay read for me.

Although I enjoyed this book, I will not be continuing on with the series. I am tired of okay books and want to real only the really good ones. This had the potential but just did not make it. Sorry, Ms. Arend I truly do not mean to offend.

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