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The Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott
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Jun 12, 2012

it was amazing
Read in June, 2012

I really enjoyed the Unwritten Rule by Elizabeth Scott. When I saw the book and read the back for a brief description, it seemed interesting and also something I can relate to personally. The main character and narrator Sarah, has had a crush on this guy Ryan ever since she laid eyes on him. The problem with that is that his girlfriend is her best friend, Brianna. Sarah tells the story from her point of view but in a way incorporates how she thinks the other characters are thinking, which made the book very interesting to read. The character I liked the most would be Sarah. I liked Sarah because throughout the whole time that she liked Ryan and kept it a secret, she was still a good friend to Brianna. She was always there for her and continued to give Brianna any advice she needed in order to help her through the hard times she was facing. My least favorite character would have to be Ryan. I did not like Ryan because he did not care about the conflict he knew he would eventually cause between Brianna and Sarah. He got his chance to be with Sarah instead of Brianna but he chose to be with Brianna, even if things did not go his way in the first place. The day he called for Sarah and Brianna answered, he did not have to talk to Brianna, he could have asked for Sarah but he did not. Ryan is just the typical teenage guy that wants nothing but to have a girl on his hip, regardless of the trouble he will cause trying to make that happen. The author used foreshadowing a good number of times to show the things that are to come. Many times Sarah would end the chapters with something that you will not be able to figure out until you read the next chapter. For example in the end of one chapter she would be in a conflict involving Brianna and Ryan. She would end the chapter by saying something like "and the door bell rang." The reader would think it was Ryan because it would just add on to the conflict, especially once the situation between Sarah and Ryan comes into play. The author also uses situational irony to get the reader excited. For example, at the end of the book when Brianna and Ryan sort of "break up" at the bowling alley, Ryan leaves and takes Sarah home. He ends up staying the night because Sarah's parents are not home. In the morning when they hear the door open they think it is her parents but it really is Brianna. It causes more conflict but also a lot more excitement for the reader to want to continue reading. The author also uses scenes of flashback to look back on Brianna and Sarah's friendship and how it began. In a lot of parts in the book, especially during the times when Brianna was feeling strongly about Ryan, she would always flashback on her and Brianna's friendship as a way to remind her how good of a friend Brianna really is, and how it's wrong to like Ryan. This book captured my attention and gave me the urge to want to try and enjoy reading. I really recommend that people read this book.

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