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50 Popular Beliefs That People Think Are True by Guy P. Harrison
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Jun 12, 12

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Eh. Interesting, but one-sided. And while skepticism is all well and good I found this a bit repetitive and problematic.

Beyond the simple fact that this is a book where the author presents his refutations or skepticism about beliefs according to his own opinions (which is fine as such, but gets dull), it's the fact that this throws a hell of a lot of things together that I don't think balance well.

If you're writing a serious book refuting theories of religious belief, or racial prejudices, or health concerns, those are some big, meaty and pretty serious topic points that people have argued over for centuries. If, on the other hand you're writing a book refuting or questioning belief in aliens, ghosts, Atlantis and Bigfoot, well that's also been argued over a lot, but not as seriously. To associate the two sets of ideas in the same book tends to imply they be afforded the same weight of thought. This can be interpreted as offensive (if you're religious and do not like religion being equated with something like Bigfoot) or dangerous (race as a definition being refuted and Atlantis being refuted in the same pages kind of makes the race question seem fanciful, when it is dead serious for many). Also, I have add that this is a very "Western" sort of stance and attitude, and I find myself wondering how it would play to other corners of the world.

Lumping all this stuff together doesn't really work well as a book for me.
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