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The Fallen and Leviathan by Thomas E. Sniegoski
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Jun 21, 12

Read from June 12 to 21, 2012

I'm giving this book 3 stars because the writing wasn't bad. The story idea was not bad. The plot wasn't bad. However I was not able to finish the book.

I am not a fan of picking up a book to review and then quitting on it mid way but there are times when there is just no way to continue and this was one of those times. Why you might ask?

The book concentrated on a boy named Aaron who finds out on his 18th birthday that he has abilities he never knew existed. He is able to talk in several different languages and understand them perfectly. He is able to understand what animals are saying and other abilities that pop up the longer you read. He finds out from a Fallen Angel that he is a Nephilim..not just any Nephilim but one that may be the key to saving other Fallen Angels and Nephilim from destruction. There is another group called the Powers that are sent in to destroy all Fallen Angels and Nephilim that exist. They believe this is the reason for their existence and it does not matter how many innocent people around are killed in the process of killing the ones they seek. That's a good story line but this is where I had the problem and the reason I had to quit reading..

The Powers had what you call a pet.. a child (on a leash) they used to help sniff out the locations of Fallen Angels and Nephilim. This pet would help them locate their targets for assassination. Okay...I handled that okay to begin with. It bothered me some especially when the first child was killed by putting it in a dangerous location. They end up picking another "pet" so to speak in Aaron's own family. Aaron was raised by very sweet foster parents who had only one biological child who was diagnosed with Autism and was completely nonverbal for the most part. I made it to the middle of the book where the Powers find Aaron at his home. They kill his foster parents and decide to make his little Autistic brother their new pet.

This is the locale that I put the book down. I just couldn't read another page. My oldest child is Severly Autistic and to read about that poor child screaming and rocking back and forth....I couldn't do it. I had to stop. I got very emotional because all I could do was picture my own child who also happens to be nonverbal.

With that said, I was unable to actually finish the book. So sorry. I hate not being able to finish a full review but emotionally this book was not for me.

Sabrina (By The Cover Book Club Member)

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