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A Dead Red Oleander by R.P. Dahlke
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Jun 12, 2012

(Review from the author)
it was amazing
Read in June, 2012

Naturally I read it! I wrote it. Here're what reviewers are saying:
"I'm so happy that Lalla Bains is back! This is was my favourite book of the three and it's all there: crime, mystery, suspense and great characters! I really liked the glimpses into Lalla's thoughts as she goes back and forth with new theories. Her dad completely lost in a house full of women as Lalla's great-aunt and her cousin (Pearlie) come from Texas for her wedding is hilarious. I Matos, Amazon review

"This author is an exceptional talent bringing her characters to life--you feel like you've met them before! My only regret--I am finished reading and have to wait who knows how long for my next "fix" from this author! Read it and enjoy!" Tech Teacher, Amazon Review
Amazon/Kindle: $2.99
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Wordsmith Hey R.P. Cadillac still not happening. Is there a difference between Kindle and Amazon? The reason I ask is the link DID link to Amazon, but in a different way/kind/part of the site. Confusion Ensuing! **MORE IMPORTANTLY** Congratulations! On "A Dead Red Oleander" With or without a look back at Lalla, you'll get my feedback! Can't wait!

R.P. Dahlke Amazon sells both paper books and Kindle e-books. When you say "Cadillac still not happening." Do you mean it's not FREE? It won't be free on Kindle until July. Did I answer your question? OR? Let me know. If you want a signed paperback, you can get those from me at my website: http://rpdahlke.com

I look forward to your feedback on A DEAD RED OLEANDER. So far, it appears to be a new favorite with my readers

Wordsmith R. P. Ahh Cee-I see I needs be infused by the gallon with the cognitive helper vitamin B12, as I see the word now as it's written, whereas before it certainly appeared as another! My bad, no problemo, though, I went ahead and "broke the bank" lol as I was so not going to practice what I drum into my son's head, the fine art of "delayed gratification."
TTTL, I'm gonna kick back and do lots of reading.

R.P. Dahlke Dear Mary, You crack me up! You should know that I have a "gang" of readers to whom I gift my books to in exchange for reviews. Naturally, it's a win-win situation for everyone.

So, what e-book do you NOT have and would like to read in exchange for a review? Cadillac? or A Dangerous Harbor? This book is more romance, sailing, Mexico and will be a trilogy. Let me know: rebeccadahlke@gmail.com

Wordsmith I already got 'em all. I'm swimming in Dahlke books! And happy for it. Me be reading about Sailing, P.I'ing or watching a Romance unfold, I'm full-up at the moment with R.P. Dahlke books. However...when you DO reach the finish line on your next Harbor, or even if the muse slay's you with her good intentions into a whole 'nother direction, I'd be happy to work on that win-win then. : )

If you cracked a little or even got a hint of a chuckle, cuz little ole me could even crack you open just little, well, that too, is a win-win in any case, cuz as we all know more than just a little, laughter is the best medicine, in this or or in any place.

R.P. Dahlke Yes, Laughter is good for us. I do so like your attitude... fits right in with mine! E-mail me at: rp@rpdahlke.com and I'll put you on the (very private) list of readers for Hurricane Hole. Coming later this year.

Wordsmith Thanks R. P. I'd be much obliged, honored, ready and willing to read any and everything you'd be so kind as to gift me with.

I see that you're on a roll, it can take it's toll on your soul, even while leaving that glow,
I know you're beyond proud of that, cuz words don't flow from of a hat.

Hope you get a little laugh out 'o that.
I'll E-Mail you later.

R.P. Dahlke Oh, boy! poetry. Can I quote you? I love it!

Wordsmith You're much to kind R.P.! Twern't nothing!

You don't have to scare your friends, in moving to the next city. Glances filled with worry--then with pity. And really not on this happy, little, rhyming, ditty. Save it for some other drivel, driveled out, somehow, more worthy.

message 10: by R.P. (new) - rated it 5 stars

R.P. Dahlke I see BIG money in these lil' ditties of yours. Jingles for TV?

Wordsmith Well, I'll be honest here now. That's one thing I WILL own up to. I have always been a pretty good--to great blurb writer. One liners, two, or three...yea, that's one thing I always know will come out right. Just like *snap*!

Wordsmith Like on my Facebook page, I even change intro's to New Yorker Cartoon's. Mine come out sounding better somehow. So of course, I use mine! Stuff like that.

message 13: by R.P. (new) - rated it 5 stars

R.P. Dahlke One liner's huh? After you read A Dead Red Oleander, want to come up with one or two for me? I like to have them for twitter.

Wordsmith Sure! (I'm not all that great at keeping the tiny secrets, so, well lets just say, earlier, when I felt this flicker of inspiration, I heeded it. Oddly enough, verily, upon further reflection, it was so close to 12 hours ago to be just THAT creepy-weird-oddly enough. Think it and you shall receive it! lol) And I have to say, Kudo's! I'm (finally, belatedly) just about 60% into the location point of "A Dead Red Oleander" and I must say, this time you "gone and one-upped your own self!" Be very proud!

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