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The Blood Keeper by Tessa Gratton
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Jun 12, 2012

really liked it

The Blood Keeper is marvelously wicked. Tessa Gratton created a Horror novel with blood gore magic and beauty. I know you’re saying, What? Blood and gore is beautiful?! Yes, The Blood Keeper is a beautiful romance with a little grisly touch of gore and blood Paranormal Fantasy…And that's the only way I can describe this wonderful novel with Mab, whose blood protects the blood land. Gratton took me into this incredible, dark magical world of the blood witches who work their magic by using blood. There’re also two stories being told in this novel with the last blood keeper Arthur, who died, and the blood keeper who is to take his place as the future blood keeper: Mab of the blood land. And it's told in three points of view: Mad, Will and Arthur's wife, Evie. This eerie storyline is all wrapped around Evie's love for Arthur and Mab and Will's romance.

I loved Mab’s character. She’s carefree, strong, and independent. She’s also the kind of girl that if you tell her to do one thing, she will totally do the opposite just to see what will happen. And because of Mab's curious rebellion is how Will ends up in Mab's world of blood magic. Will is a little rebellious, too and that’s what makes these two perfect for each other. Will is trying to discover who he is, but one thing he knows, he’s not going to be a marine like his father and brothers. Will doesn’t believe in witches, but that all changes when he meets Mab and his life becomes entangled with Mab's blood magic world of the supernatural. Will already given his heart to Mab, but to trust Mab's world of blood magic is another thing.

Mab and Will's romance is not the only romance going in this story. Arthur and Evie's history together is told throughout this story, too. And the secret of the roses will bring Evie and Arthur's past romance together with Mab and Will's present day romance. These roses hold an evil secret—a secret that enables Evie to keep the man she loves, but will take the one Mab's loves.

The Blood Keeper is a wickedly dark romance where the secret curse of a past love will take revenge against love in the present, and the blood keeper will sacrifice it all for the boy she loves. I recommend The Blood Keeper as a fantastic read with a little touch of blood gore magic mixed with a beautiful romance.

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message 1: by Sierra (new)

Sierra You actually got through this one? Good for you! I just couldn't get into it.

Nice review--makes me want to try it again! :D

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