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Hearts of Darkness by Kira Brady
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Oct 24, 12

it was ok
Read from June 15 to 19, 2012

Heart of Darkness, Deadglass #1, by Kira Brady
Grade: D+

“She wasn’t fool enough to think she could keep him. She didn’t want to. Bad boys didn’t come home for dinner every night at six o’clock sharp. Bad boys sometimes didn’t come home at all. She’d had enough of people she loved not coming back.”

Let me start by saying that I was so excited to review Heart of Darkness, especially after hearing all the buzz about it and it being compared to the Fever series which I love. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting but I really disliked what I got. In the first twenty pages I had my first “Really?” moment which was quickly followed by my “Are you freaking serious!” moment both of which continued on for the rest of the book. I usually try to not put spoilers in my reviews but I am going to in this one so if you don’t want to know about the book stop reading this now.

Kayla Friday has come to Seattle to claim her sisters dead body and find out how she was really killed after not believing the coroner ruling it a drug overdose. Kayla is shocked to discover her deceased sister pregnant and the most gorgeous man she’s ever laid eyes on asking her questions about a necklace that was supposedly in her sister’s possession. Hart is a werewolf and blood slave to Norgard, a shape shifting dragon who controls most of Seattle. Hart’s mission is to find the necklace Norgard’s lover escaped with and bring him her sister for his freedom.

As I mentioned before I had a lot of “Seriously?!?” moments while reading this book and the first occurred in the very beginning when Kayla is devastated over her sister’s death and watching Hart light the body on fire and not even five minutes later she’s thinking of how attractive he is and how much she wants him. I’m sorry but I felt like I got whiplash from the dramatic change of emotions Kayla went through in all of five minutes. This was the point that I started to really dislike her and know that this story was not for me.

Usually after the first hundred pages of a book if I’m rolling my eyes as much as I was with this one and scoffing out loud I would DNF it but with Hearts of Darkness it was so bad that I couldn’t stop reading. No matter how much of a jerk Hart was I kept reading. Kayla is being a weak female and needs to grow a backbone and I keep reading. Hart and Kayla are making out in the most inappropriate times and yep I keep on reading. I have never read a book that I disliked so much but I couldn’t put it down. It’s for this reason only that I give the book a D+ and not an F because there is some brilliance in getting someone to keep reading something the hate.

With all that being said I really was disappointed with Heart of Darkness and especially Kayla. The funny thing is that I like Grace whose book will follow this one and I might actually read it. I did love the world that Mrs. Brady created and I am interested to see what happens next. This is again why I didn’t flunk the book because it does have me thinking to the next one and wondering about the other characters. I really hope the books in this series because there is potential but it was just delivered all wrong for me.
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06/18/2012 page 22
6.0% "Sisters dead body was just lite on fire and five minutes later you're ogling men????"
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15.0% "This guys a jerk"
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32.0% "These people are insane. Just throw it out there you need a rape kit. WTF?"
06/19/2012 page 156
44.0% "This girl needs to grow a spine!"
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59.0% "For some reason I keep reading this even though it's awful"

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