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Team of Rivals by Doris Kearns Goodwin
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Jun 11, 2012

it was amazing
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Even though there has been numerous reviews before mine, I feel like my love for this book is incomplete if I can't share how this book has changed me. So, it looks like I can't constrain myself from giving a thorough review of this masterpiece.

From the first page, to the very last page of the epilogue, I find myself more and more enchanted each time I finished a chapter. I am not entirely sure if it's because of the fact that I am reading about one of my favorite Presidents of all time, or that there is a hidden spell cast within the book. Nevertheless, I will always remember the joy I had experienced when I read the book. Though I may be young, and to a certain extent, clueless about how it feels to accomplish something great, I felt myself transcended as I followed Lincoln's path towards his presidency. Goodwin's portrayal of Lincoln as an honest, miraculous, and magnanimous man really captivated me into his awe-inspiring presence within the book. And this is one of the reasons why books, especially historical ones, are so helpful. As a student in high school, subjects like history are always compacted because it is never-ending. Therefore, I do not get the chance to cover great things in detail because there is so much to learn. It's a shame that when I covered the Civil War era in my AP US History class, I did not have the opportunity to learn about specific events in great depth. Thanks to this book, I was given the chance to learn more about Lincoln and how his great his administration was.

In addition to that, I specifically admired Goodwin's style in this book. First and foremost, I appreciate the fact that she had spent as much as 10 years in research to write this book along with other fine historians. I loved how she was able to connect events, people, and places together in a simple fashion that makes it understandable for readers. She doesn't cite too much, nor cite too less. Most of all, I love it every time she talks about Lincoln. Oh, how I reminisce the feeling! I just love it when things I learned are connected together into one fine book.

As wonderful as Abraham Lincoln was, I can't find enough words to describe him. From his personality to his accomplishments, no words in the English dictionary can measure up to his greatness. Also, throughout the reading, I felt like I was watching a movie seeing all the different events happening during the Civil War era. That was how clear and vivid Goodwin has written her book. I could see almost everything, and could even feel the impact sometimes.

In conclusion, I hope my fellow colleagues share the same experience as I did when I read this book. I would love to share this book with everybody because it's such a page-turner, especially those who are faithful to history.
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11.0% "If I can go back in time, I want to meet Lincoln and kindly ask him, with much desire, to tell me a tale/story. That would be an honor since he has a unique and eloquent capacity to tell stories."
06/22/2012 page 270
29.0% "I don't know if it's me or not but every time I finish a chapter in this book, I can't help but to feel inspired every single time."
06/27/2012 page 300
32.0% "Abe Lincoln is simply amazing. As expected from one of my favorite US president of all times." 2 comments
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46.0% "At this point, only the questions are holding me back from eating up this book...Hm, it ruins the fun every time the "intermission" of the women's social life is incorporated after a major scene..."
07/08/2012 page 475
50.0% "Yay! He is going to make the speech about the renowned Proclamation (: I love with when everything I learned in history comes together ~"

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Nicholas Glad you liked it. I would also recommend The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt. It's every bit as good as this one and Roosevelt is a close tie for greatest American president of all time in my mind.

Emily Nicholas wrote: "Glad you liked it. I would also recommend The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt. It's every bit as good as this one and Roosevelt is a close tie for greatest American president of all time in my mind."

Thanks! I will look into it as soon as I get my hands on it :)

message 3: by Val (new) - rated it 5 stars

Val Sanford I agree with the comments that this book changed me. I believe this book inspired me and gave me tools to be a better, more thoughtful leader.

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