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Sovereign Hope by Frankie Rose
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Jun 11, 2012

really liked it
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Read from July 12 to 19, 2012

The author, Frankie Rose, was very nice, letting me review her book. I must say that I didn't quite know what to expect of it, but it turned to be an interesting read. My rating is 3.5 stars, but due to known reasons I'm giving it 4.

What I liked:

There were several scenes that were pretty intense and action packed, and I felt drawn to them. They felt realistic, with all the gore and bloodshed. I also enjoyed the hot romantic scene, though I felt like there should've been more than one of those ;) Daniel's chapters felt different, as they should've, since a different character was narrating, and I found them very well structured and appealing.

What I didn't like:

There were some scenes that lacked any feeling at all. They seemed to stretch on and on, and that felt kind of annoying. I supposed they were supposed to build anticipation, but all they accomplished was making me want to skip ahead. The last chapter should've held some passion, but there was none. And the induced coldness between the characters was just weird. Some lines felt forced and unrealistic. There were several places where I noticed inconsistencies - for example, Farley - the lead female character - saw a white painted building and the color of the sand (red), during a particularly dark night, just before saying that she was completely night blind. There were other places like this one, but I don't remember them off the top of my head.

The story itself:

It was a nice concept, and I think it was sort of unique - at least I haven't read anything quite like it. Of course, there were the good guys and the bad guys, and those in between. There was impossible love, and then some super powers. But it was strung differently, and I liked that. I didn't quite understand whether the people from the Quarters were humans or something different. And why were there immortals in the first place... That bit was sort of confusing.

The characters:

*Farley was the lead female character, who was supposed to be a part of this very important prophesy. I honestly expected her to have some special powers of key importance, and I kept waiting for them to manifest. Alas, they never did - unless that weird bit in the end could be counted. Sometimes Farley sounded stiff and vain and completely out of character, and that really bothered me. After all, the reader counts on the characters having depth and layered personalities. I wasn't really impressed with this girl.

*Daniel was the mysterious guy, who was grumpy and rude just because he didn't want to show his love. Sure, there was the oath he swore to stay away from Farley, but it was pretty obvious that that won't work out. There was some big mystery around those two, which never came out. Were they supposed to be together? Were they not? At any rate, Daniel was hot and full of internal conflicts, and that made him even hotter. Sometimes his indecision bugged me to death, and I wanted to slap him senseless. But other than that, he was a nice guy.

*Agatha was one of the characters we didn't know much about. She was just there. Period. No back story. Sure, she was nice and smart and a kick-ass heroine, but still - it would've been nice to know more about her.

The rest of the characters weren't all that prominent, though they all played their assigned roles. I guess I'd love to learn more about Kayden - he's a delicious mystery.

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Quotes Vanya D. Liked

Frankie Rose
“There's something really interesting in the way you shy away from virtuous touch," he said.
"I don't mind the virtue part. It's you I mind.”
Frankie Rose, Sovereign Hope

Frankie Rose
“And what do I smell like?"
"Like arrogance and self-adoration," she snapped. "I can smell it a mile off.Why bother saying you didn't help me when it could only have been you?”
Frankie Rose, Sovereign Hope

Frankie Rose
“He paused and caught her in the flash of his eyes. The term green with envy sprung to mind for some reason, though that wasn't the particular sin that burned through her when he locked her to the spot. Nope. That would be lust, her conscience whispered. She scowled. Was it possible for your own body to turn traitor on you? If it was, then hers most certainly had.”
Frankie Rose, Sovereign Hope

Frankie Rose
“You can't have 'ass' as a word." Tess declared. She picked up Farley's tiles and thrust them back into her hand."You're forgetting the rules. You're supposed to put down words that you know relate to Oliver.Like hockey. Or six pack."
Farley pulled a face.
"Unless you're commenting on the fact that he has a really great ass, in which case ewww, but okay.”
Frankie Rose, Sovereign Hope

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07/13/2012 page 61
16.0% "So far it's a mysteriously interesting story. I'm enjoying it a lot :-)"
07/15/2012 page 65
17.0% "ummm, okay, so Farley is night blind but she could make out s building's colir with no problem?? inconsistent much?"
07/15/2012 page 65
17.0% "ummm, okay, so Farley is night blind but she could make out s building's colir with no problem?? inconsistent much?"
07/16/2012 page 210
54.0% "It's nice to see Daniel's perfectly composed cover start to crack. I wonder how he'll handle it"
07/17/2012 page 278
71.0% "Oh man, no! I hate it when the lovebirds can't be together for some stupid reason!"
07/17/2012 page 280
72.0% "What on earth just happened and why does this chapter feel like it doesn't belong??"

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