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Kiss the Dead by Laurell K. Hamilton
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Jun 11, 12

bookshelves: cop, irritating-mc, m-f-m, meh, pornish, vamp, shifter
Read on June 11, 2012

This review will contain spoilers so read on at your own risk.

There are some parts that were just plain sloppy. I used to adore how descriptive the police procedurals were but now they are just a joke.

First off - Anita found out about were some bad vamps were and they sent in 2 normal policeman that didnt stand a chance?????? wtf ? why? in the past Anita would have MADE sure she was there because normal policeman are going to get killed ...duh...!!!

Second - how lame was it when they found a van that is a clue and they turn up at the house and blow the heads off 20 yes TWENTY vamps without really investigating much. There was NO investigation or discussion or anything it was kind of pathetic.

now for the absolute 360 on all her relationships.

I know that LKH took a break with her writing but I felt like she didnt read her last book before staring this one - the tone and style was completely different.

First off - Dolph - he went from the anti christ of the police force to totally accepting her, it was sooooo weird.

Secondly - Larry who in the past was her bestie and a reliable friend all of a sudden thinks she is a - ??? where did this drivel come from.

Third - Asher - omg he turned into the new anti christ and has been sent off for a month like a naughty school boy.

Fourth - Richard - who used to be a major dick but now is a good guy who has 3somes with Jean claude and some other chick?

It completely baffles me why LKH feels this bazaar need to have really weak characters problems in her plots. In the past (with dolph) I could accept this plot device because it was newer, I could also accept Richard. But to suddenly have them seem angelic and swap them for Asher and Larry is just fucking weird and lame writing.

The sex - god damn it but that was something LKH used to be good at but it was boring this time, I think because all the sex is the same, yeah...harder...pound me...fill me up... push me over... blah blah blah.....Zzzzzzzzzz snore

The reason I am so disappointed is I know that LKH can do better, she used to be my fave author till she turned her main character into Slutzilla. I would have been happier if there was less boring sex and more police procedural - I want me some investigation not just blow the head of a vamp.

My Advice to LKH

End the series soon on a happy go la la note. LKH is good author flogging a dead horse. Write a new series and start a fresh.
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message 1: by Heather C (new)

Heather C 3 stars seem generous.

Jess It was 2.5 but I rounded it up to 3 because believe it or not but she has written worse lolololol

message 3: by Heather C (new)

Heather C Lmao. I believe you. I'm glad I stopped when i did

Jess I just borrow mine from a friend I don't buy them - I prefer to spend money on the good stuff.

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